Object class: Safe
Special containment Procedures: Do to SCP ()'s employment with the foundation and so it is unwise to contain it.
Description: A being that can change upon it's own will, no specific form has been found as of yet but the first form it says it had was one of a female with two different colored eyes one blue and the other light blue it said she was an outcast used as a sacrifice little did the people at the time know that the most hated person in there village would one day become the most beloved(more info in silent's logs). SCP () is incapable of making any audible sound no microphone, ear, or any listening apparatus of any type can pick up a single sound from SCP (). scp() is incapable of dying, upon sustaining a fatal injury it will catch fire and the injury will heal its self it is capable of feeling pain mentally and physically. SCP() is also capable of telepathy, teleportation, manipulation of objects and also telekinesis.

interview log
audio can't be used as SCP () is incapable of speech
Doctor Quiet: "Can you explain to me what you are?"
Doctor Quiet: "Do you understand me?"
Doctor Quiet:"can you speak?"
SCP (): (telepathically said) "not in the way you are used to, however, I am capable of (air quotes) "saying words", I was pondering on how to explain what I am to you without messing with your way of thinking, Think of me as an old family friend. Your ancestors, nice people didn't really understand me as well as I hope you do now.
Doctor Quiet: "how long have you been…well here…"
SCP (): "hmmm let's see how long ago did the earth cool? I have forgotten, what year is it now? anyway, Any other questions [redacted]?
Doctor Quiet: how do you know that name?
SCP (): "What your name HA…simple I know most everything to do with the past and future though I admit I've gotten things wrong before names I was always good at…"
doctor Quiet: " So…(SCP () interrupts) "Like how I know you will ask if there is anything else I can tell you a level (blank) reasercher…nope that's all if you want all the secrets, get someone from the O5 down here I will gladly tell them everything but somethings I simply can't tell you sorry."
[log end]

unofficial test log: see incident [redacted]
any gun fired at SCP () did not appear to slow SCP ()
SCP () picked up SCP [redacted] and (data expunged)
SCP () quickly went from ground level to roof level without jumping

Incident [redacted]
SCP [redacted] breached containment and SCP () engaged it, a Mobile Task Force unit showed up on scene which is when SCP () picked SCP [redacted] up and(data expunged) the MTF unit started firing at SCP () to no effect SCP () teleported to the top of the wall and in one gesture knocked all MTF that were firing at itself unconscious the remaining MTF unit members still conscious were able to talk to SCP () to find out it is here to help us.

addendum: SCP () may have had a direct hand in humans becoming the dominant species