object class:Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
it is unwise to attempt containment of SCP ()

Description: scp() is commonly a humanoid female of unknown origin. It has a care for most life. SCP() seems to still feel pain but it doesn't actively avoid injury if it knows that someone else will be hurt unnecessarily. SCP() is incapable of dying for as far as we can tell it regenerates with fire even when "past death". SCP() is incapable of making a physical sound but it seems to have telepathic capabilities that it uses to communicate. it also has been seen summoning a sword from something that is unseen. the entity refer to it's self as Blue and it talks about this great battle for the planet with something she calls Red and another she calls yellow.

SCP()-1 is commonly a humanoid male of unknown origin and it is extremely dangerous it too seems to feel pain but hardly shows that it does and it is safe to assume it can also regenerate. it actively attempts to injure anything in it's way to cause as much pain as possible it refers to it's self as Red it hardly ever says anything but likes to watch people die slowly. it too seems to be capable of summoning a sword from something It too seems impossible of making any real sounds all but one sound can not be heard the only sound able to be heard is it's breath unlike blue who you can't hear at all.

SCP ()-2 is commonly a humanoid of unknown origin and it is sometimes dangerous and has both saved lives and caused suffering in an equal way. it can be heard unlike the other two it has a voice and uses it often. it also has the ability to summon a sword . it doesn't show any pain at all and is known to regenerate

"past death"
past death is referring to any injury that is fatal or can cause death in all cases bleeding seems to stop the regenerative possibility till it stops bleeding making it an open wound.

these three seem to have some connection to the creation of the universe and are battling for life or death to rain over more then our own planet and they seem to take the shape of the general populates of any said planet as to not draw too much attention to themselves.