Item #: SCP-3948

Object Class: Euclid Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The gateway to SCP-3948's Realm should be only accessed With Level 4 Security Clearance. SCP-3948's entrance portal is to be contained in a large room filled with the following Tools needed to keep the Portal active:

  1. A Set of 5 Computers needed to monitor the statistics of the the Portal's rate of activity.
  2. Wires connected to the sides of the portal's base to maintain connection.
  3. A Book stored in a container in the Containment Room containing the portal's frequencies of movement.
  4. A list of colors on a clipboard that implicate the portal's stability for better connection.

If any lower Class Personnel Enter the Containment Room or enter the portal is to be Terminated on Site- ██'s grounds. If the personnel is to be on the other side of the Portal, no other forces are to pursue the personnel. SCP-3948-B are to terminate the personnel without granted access. Any other Higher Class Personnel are to only go through the portal during tests scheduled by 05-███. Omega-6's Training reports are to be sent through the portal to the Researchers for examination. Omega-6 Is to only be designated for SCP Re-Containment of any Keter SCPs, or the XK-18 End of the World Scenario.

Description: SCP-3948 is a Realm1 that allows any Humanoid that goes through the portal located at Site-██. Through the entry of the portal would arrive at an unknown area that later appears to be a Kingdom that seems similar to Earth. The portal's exact entrance would be in an area next to a fountain square filled with Markets and humanoid looking civilians wearing black clothing along with Black un-washable Face-Paint. These civilians were later classified SCP-3948-A. More classes of these lifeforms (SCP-3948-A to D) were known to be peaceful to the foundation's appearance.

SCP-3948-B are the Kingdom's police force, or Military (SCP-3948-B-2). The police force's weapons are highly advanced compared to the facility's weapons. Later test results were answered by Omega-6. The armor plating of SCP-3948-B appears to be Titanium plated with lead thick helmets. The radios of SCP-3948-B are used in a Telepathic2 frequency based on the stress of their mind.

SCP-3948-C is a version of a Medieval English Kings-Guard Within the Kingdom guarding SCP-3948-D from any dangerous threats opposing to take the crown. Researchers were introduced to SCP-3948-C peacefully at the time of ████. The interview outside of the portal Then switched the class of SCP-3948 from Euclid to Thaumiel.