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Area of first contact with SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP—XXXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP—XXXX is to be kept in a chamber that has no direct contact, via any solid material, to parts of the surrounding structures (walls, ceiling or ground as well as other attached objects). Embedding the enclosure within or resting it on liquid/viscous mediums is advisable.


Madagascar, Zahamena forest.

As of this writing the favored choice for containment consists of a hollow sphere composed of ALON (aluminum oxynitride), a translucent ceramic four times harder than regular glass. The thickness measures approximately 5 cm (~2 in) while the sphere's diameter is defined as 4 m (~13 ft) which, according to instructions, floats on a water basin with a depth of at least 2 m (~6,5 ft).

For the purpose of keeping SCP-XXXX's chamber stable and central, a plate of iron has been incorporated inside the glass. Using electromagnetic fields, generated below the pool, the metal plate can be kept still thus contact of the subject with the outer walls is prevented. Exercise caution during events that destabilize this system, for instance earthquakes, blackouts, other SCPs (e.g. SCP-938) or enraging SCP-XXXX.

A retractable footbridge on the outer wall presents the only way of accessing SCP-XXXX's confinement. Wireless hatches are integrated in the transparent wall, forming the last barrier to the subject. Additionally an observational room is situated in the outer concrete walls with personnel monitoring SCP-XXXX continuously.

Only the upper hatch is to be opened during feeding times (twice per day), staff members are instructed never to touch the glass by any means. Raw meat as well as fruits seem to be SCP-XXXX's preferred food, the latter is only to be fed on special occasions (due to logistical difficulties).

As of ██████ SCP-XXXX has been moved to Site-70, continuous surveillance is mandatory.

SCP-XXXX is a humanoid, bipedal creature measuring approximately 2,05 m (~6,7 ft) in height, wearing a muddy beige shirt, dark pleated pants but no shoes. The clothing is atypical for the area which implies the subject to be foreign. It possesses an ordinary male human anatomy with the exception of its head/neck, which seems to originate from a lemur (presumably Lemur catta, also known as ring-tailed lemur). As of now only speculations are made about the origin of its incongruous body part. The face has a mask-like appearance, having deep sunken eyes and only the upper jaw of a lemur. Dark fur rings around its eyes fade downwards creating several black strands, giving it a crying face-esque look. the bones as well as all tissues seem to be fused with the human neck.

A pair of Fangs originate from SCP-XXXX's maxilla, being evidently longer than in its animal counterpart. Yellow eyes (and their typical reflection in the dark) can only be spotted during direct eye contact due to the fact that they are situated inside the skull in the remnants of human eye sockets. The subject's eyes seem to have atrophied, leaving hearing as the main sense of perception.


SCP-XXXX, lateral skull radiograph.

Ear movement towards the origin of sound effects has been noted. The creature's mandible is human, without any type of fur or beard, but presenting a full set of incisors, canines and molar teeth.

SCP-XXXX rarely stands upright, it is only observed during periods of attentive/aggressive behavior or hunting. Crouching, arching its back as well as standing motionless for several minutes are considered normal behavior.

The subject's noises are best described as deep human cries mingled with male deer's rutting calls, measuring between 70 and 80 dB. These noises can shift to be more frequent, higher and louder resembling high pitched screaming (ranging between 100 and 120 dB) if SCP-XXXX senses another living creature's presence.

Due to SCP-XXXX's unique ability to ██████████ while in contact with any █████ ██ ████ [REDACTED]. See Addendum-3396-2 and Addendum-3396-3 █████ ███ essential for ████████ as noted:


Pushing its arms down the throat into the trachea of its prey, suffocating them in the process seems to be the subjects favored method of killing. This behavior has been prevalent in killing both animals and humans. Several fingers of SCP-XXXX's hands have been noted to be missing at the level of the proximal as well as middle phalanges, probably lost during the struggles of its prey. SCP-XXXX then proceeds to rip out parts of inner organs solely through their larynx/pharynx. The subject does not tear the skin off of its victims at any point, while feeding on them.