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SCP-3962 manifesting in the streets of [REDACTED]

Item #: SCP-3962

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Former Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3962 is to be contained within an 20 x 20 cell, first layer is to be made out of Lead, second layer is a concrete foam with wiring through it, to create an electro-magnetic field around the cell. The outermost layer is solid concrete with rebar. There is always to be at least one (1) Security Officer observing SCP-3962 through the video surveillance hidden within the cell. If SCP-3962 behaves in an unusual pattern, contact Dr.███████ and alert foundation security of the situation. No one is allowed to be in the direct presence or in eyesight of SCP-3962 at any given time.

Special Containment Procedures:
Since it's escape, former Containment Procedures do no longer apply.
At this point in time, finding and re-capturing SCP-3962 is of primary concern. Dr.███████ is working on an a new containment procedure, for now SCP-3962 is to be located and detailed reports are to be sent back to Foundation facility ██████, or the closest Foundation facility of the sighting. Dr.███████ has requested usage of SCP-████ for the containment of SCP-3962, this is still being discussed.

SCP-3962, is a humanoid being that varies in size and shape, but the most common shape is of a thin, 2 meter tall creature, who is covered in brown cloth, covering most if not all of it's body. Save it's upper face, that is always visible. Three green glowing eyes on an incorporeal shape within the cloth. It was discovered by SCP agents in a rural area of [REDACTED] after it had ██████████ sixteen (16) individuals of the rural village [REDACTED] to slaughter each other, it was lured into a Faraday cage designed to hold an incorporeal SCP's [See First Contact Report]. The subject possess the ability to alter it's density and shape apparently at will, the most common form is that of a incorporeal being, that allows it to pass through solid matter. This also makes it impossible to take any physical tests on SCP-3962. The second anomalous ability was discovered early on in it's captivity, it had an memetic effect where someone who has seen it, begins to forget that it's seen it [See Addendum#3] After the first experiment on SCP-3962 it's third anomalous ability was documented. Dr.████████ and three (3) D-class personnel was to attempt to restrain SCP-3962, each D-Class carrying parts of an Faraday cage, to enclose and hold SCP-3962 in one place. When attempting to take an sample of SCP-3962, the three D-class personel suddenly stopped and they proceeded to [REDACTED] resulting in the death of both Dr.████████ and two of the D-class personnel. SCP-3962's ability to control other peoples minds through a kind of powerful telepathy and forcing it's victims to commit heinous acts against themselves or others. It was theorised that SCP-3962's ability was limited to proximity and it's ability to see the individual it intends to control. However, this theory was faulty and in ██████ the theory was proven wrong, when it took control of the monitoring security officer, having him shut down the electro-magnetic field around it's cell and it escaped through the walls of the facility.
During it's time in captivity the creature did not speak nor make any noises other then the ones when it attempted to exit it's cage, and later the cell. The noises it made can only be described as screeching. Any attempts of communication towards the creature was met with silence and according to the surviving D-class was let outside again under controlled conditions, he just said the same thing over and over again "only now I see, only now I feel, only now I suffer", the Class D was removed from the program and is now being studied by Dr. ██████ and his assistant █████████, to determine what had been done to the individuals mind. Further research into this will continue on it's own, but may prove invaluable in the future.

Dr. █████████ theorises that SCP-3962 is not from this dimension and that is why it can alter itself to pass through matter and become incorporeal.

Dr. █████████ has now failed to prove his theory to the board and he is now to focus his efforts in researching a better way of containing SCP-3962.

Dr. █████████ theorises that it's inherited memetic properties act as an 'extra' layer of defense, to hinder it being hunted after having done what it did in ███████. Therefore all agents and personnel are to be daily reminded of it's existence, both through video footage and by paper releases. This includes all senior staff at Foundation Facility ████████ and any above Level 3 security rating.

Interviewed: Mobile Task Force Operative ███████

Interviewer: Dr.████████████

Foreword: First impressions of SCP-3962 by SCP Mobile Task Force Operative ████████

<Begin Log, [Time: 18.32 Date: ████: >

Dr.██████████: "Operative ██████████ would you be so kind as to speak clearly into the microphone during this interview?"

Operative ██████████:"Of course Doctor"
Dr.████████████: "Perfect, the audio is good. So, what was the first thing you noticed when encountering SCP-3962?"

Operative ██████████: "It's eyes doctor, three glowing orbs, hard to miss them. But.. Now, after awhile it is hard to remember more details about it. It moved swiftly, through walls, didn't matter if it was wood or stone."
Dr.████████████: "So, would you say that your inability to remember details to be anomalous?"

Dr ██████████: "Yes Doctor, obviously memetic either passively or.. Actively? I can't be sure, all I know is that it killed nearly half of that village. Made them kill themselves and each other."

Dr.████████████: "██████████, how come you came up with the idea of an faraday cage?"

Operative ██████████: "Well, electrical fields have proven to well.. Mess with some SCP's showing similar abilities, the whole, shifting through matter. And an faraday cage blocks electromagnetic fields, it was a hunch, and I took it, and now I am glad I did."

Dr.████████████: "Ok Operative, thank you for your report."

<End Log, [Time: 18.45 Date: ██████████]>

Closing Statement: [Mobile Task Force Operative ██████████ should be commended for his ingenious and quick thinking in the initial capture of SCP-3962]