Item #: SCP 3684
The Boy and The Ripper

Object Class: Safe/Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP 3684-A will be kept in a D-class cell at Site-06-3. However, the cell door and walls must be strong enough to keep SCP 3684-B Contained. SCP 3684-A will be fed food at the same times as Class-D personnel. No one, especially D-class personal, should be killed in front of SCP 3684-A, unless it is in a test room. If 3684-B breaks containment Flames or anything above 450 degrees should be used against 3684-B

Description: SCP 3684-A is a 17-year-old boy that the foundation found at the age of 5 outside of at destroyed orphanage, which was destroyed by SCP- 682 after it’s breach. Surprisingly SCP-3684-B was fighting 682 and holding its own despite it’s size. After 682 was captured 3684-B went unconscious and turned back into 3684-A. SCP- 3684-B’s skin seems to sprout from 3684-A’s body and over taking it to control. It is made of an unknown material with spikes coming off the elbows. 3684-B has a heavy Bloodlust against Dr. John and SCP-682

Addendum: SCP-3684-B is an alternate personality of SCP 3684-A it has tried to killed Dr. John Hopkins, also any Security, and D-class personnel in its way.
3684-A seems to be more afraid of all SCP personnel than the other SCPs and D-class Personnel mostly like cause of the psychological experiments done by Dr. John. 3684-A has talked to SCP-706 during his introductory tour of Site-06-3

Interview 1

Keeper: hello SCP-3684-A
SCP-3684-A: Hello…

Foreword: SCP 3684-A seems cautious of Keeper because of Doctor John’s psychological experiments to bring SCP 3684-B out.

<Begin Log>

Keeper: I’m going to be asking you some questions

3684-A: ok…go ahead

Keeper: when did you discover you had anomalist abilities?

3684-A: Um… About the same time, you did, beforehand The Ripper just would be a voice in >my head
Keeper: The Ripper?

3684-A: yeah, what did you call him…. OH! SCP 3684-B

Keeper: I see… *Writes on notepad* Are there other Personalities like 3684-B?

3684-A: Um…yes actually it wants to be called the dark angel

Keeper: *Writes on notepad* Do you know its abilities?

3684-A: N-no *gives a worried look seems to think that a harsh punishment might be inflicted*

Keeper: That’s okay

3684-A: May I ask a question?

Keeper: Go ahead

3684-A: Why am I kept here?

Keeper: Because "The Ripper" might injure or kill people and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen

3684-A: Okay I’ll try to my best to keep him under control

Keeper: That’s all we can ask you to do

3684-A: *Gives a small smile*
<End Log>
Closing Statement: SCP- 3684-A seems to have made a bond with Keeper this may help in later interviews and tests