Mohler’s Task Force Upsilon-5 Sandbox


Seeking Greenlights: Yes

Page Type: Tale

Genre: Action

Elevator Pitch: A tale about a coast guard vessel responding to a distress signal only to discover a ship of unknown origin.

Central Narrative: My tale is about a Canadian coast guard vessel that responds to distress signal from an unknown vessel off the west coast of Newfoundland. The crew tracks down the transmitter that was sending the signal but finds no sign of the vessel that this transmitter belongs to. As the vessel proceeds to leave a small submarine emerges nearby with the letters MCD (referencing Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd) and multiple symbols (probably some memetic. I have yet to decide on that) written on it. The scene changes to an SCP naval facility where an exploration platform (something similar to SBX-1) is launched from.

Additional Notes: I have been away from the site for sometime and I have yet to catch up on and new naval related articles. If you know of any similar to this please let me know.