Sites and Areas
Site Designation Location Purpose Pages Appearing
Site-01 Unclear Meeting Site for the O5 Council SCP-3791, SCP-3959, spikebrennen's Proposal
Site-03 Hy-Brasil, 100 km west of Ireland Monitoring of Nx-03 Nx-03
Site 06-3 Lorraine region of France Containment of low-danger humanoid SCPs SCP-069, SCP-706, SCP-1669, SCP-1702, SCP-3811
Research Site-45 Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia Research and Development, Archive, Containment, Naval Task Force Deployment (as needed) FILL IN
Site-64 Forest Park, Portland, Oregon, United States Research, Containment, Task Force Deployment, Anomalous Materials Synthesis, Monitoring of the Three Portlands Location of Interest. SCP-2106, SCP-2306, SCP-2608, SCP-2806, SCP-2849, SCP-2906, SCP-2960, SCP-3060, SCP-3108, SCP-3119, SCP-3153, SCP-3460, SCP-3465, SCP-3466, SCP-3560, SCP-3960, SCP-3979
Site-77 Province of L'Aquila, Southern Italy, European Union Mass Containment, Research, Task Force Deployment, Administrative SCP-031, SCP-039, SCP-213, SCP-474, SCP-512, SCP-565 SCP-649, SCP-643, SCP-703, SCP-720, SCP-761, SCP-864, SCP-992, SCP-1070, SCP-1277, SCP-1317, SCP-1452, SCP-1498, SCP-1501, SCP-1507, SCP-1508, SCP-1513, SCP-1528, SCP-1559, SCP-1572, SCP-1630, SCP-1636, SCP-1651, SCP-1723, SCP-1724, SCP-1738, SCP-1747, SCP-1796, SCP-1833, SCP-1837, SCP-1872, SCP-1894, SCP-1938, SCP-1957, SCP-1996, SCP-2082, SCP-2199, SCP-2322, SCP-2507, SCP-2600, SCP-2687, SCP-2799, SCP-2805, SCP-2969, SCP-2991
Site-81 Monroe Reservoir, Bloomington, Indiana, United States Research, Containment, Task Force Deployment, Administrative
Containment Site-88 Baldwin County Nuclear Power Plant, Baldwin County, Alabama, United States Object Containment, Research, Task Force Training and Deployment, Administrating the Gulf Coast Region. SCP-245, SCP-1774, SCP-1868, SCP-2047, SCP-2065, SCP-2067, SCP-2131, SCP-2251, SCP-2314, SCP-2343, SCP-2613, SCP-2632, SCP-2713, SCP-2714, SCP-2725, SCP-2986, SCP-2987, SCP-3015, SCP-3130
Site-90 Nowhere, North Dakota, USA Monitoring of SCP-3444, Headquarters of Unreality Division SCP-3444, SCP-3501
Provisional Site-3034 Russia Monitoring of SCP-3034 SCP-3034

Area Designation Location Purpose Pages Appearing
Containment Area-25b Unclear Replacement of Area-25a following destruction of said area SCP-076
Lunar Area-32 Mare Imbrium, Lunar surface. Research, Specialised Containment, Remote Observation SCP-2493, SCP-2651, SCP-2686, SCP-2821, SCP-3609
Containment Area-57 Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia Containment of SCP-2617 SCP-2617