The Unbreakable Armor
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Item: SCP-3902

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Object is to be hung in the air with ropes made with cloth. NO PERSONNEL ARE ALLOWED TO WEAR THE OBJECT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Handle with tier 3 Hazmat Suits and equipment.

Object appears to be a a steel chest plate similar in size and craftsmanship as those worn by knights after the 15th century but contains trace amounts of Iron,Copper and Zinc. Chemical tests show that the metals of the Object are impossible to melt,break and corrode.

When the Object is worn, subjects will start to feel immense amounts of pain in the chest that feel similar to 4th degree burns or extreme lacerations, on rare events, bleeding will occur. All methods of pain stimulation have yielded negative effects. After a few hours have passed, the pain in the subject's chest will stop. After 24 hours have passed, [DATA REDACTED] will begin to form on the subject's chest and arms.

When the [DATA REDACTED] has fully grown, the subject is instantly killed. Tests have shown that the cause of death is because of heart failure or blood flow from the heart to the brain ceasing. Any attempts to remove the [DATA EXPUNGED] have yieleded negative effects.

Addendum: Testing has shown that nothing can pierce through the armor, including bullets of all kind. Tests to weaponize the armor have been authorized and are ongoing. There has been no cases of any test subject surviving the [DATA REDACTED] of the Object and have all died due to the same causes. All tests to stop the subject from dying (including complete surgery of the corroded skin,muscle and tissue of the subject) have yielded negative effects.