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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a class A isolation chamber in area 49 at all times. Any and all SCP’s or anomalous entities known for causing loud noises, provoking consciousness, massive vibrations, or other anomalous behavior that could awaken SCP-XXXX should be stored as far away from SCP-XXXX’s containment chamber as possible. SCP-XXXX is to be strapped to a restraining chair and be kept in a state of medically induced coma via a constant dose of class A sedatives. At least 2 foundation guards should be stationed outside of SCP-XXXX’s containment chamber at all times to prevent any and all personnel, including class A or above, from entering. Any person attempting to enter the containment chamber outside of scheduled feeding or cleaning staff should be detained or neutralized immediately. Testing of any kind on SCP-XXXX is strictly prohibited.

SCP-XXXX is currently former male D class personnel, Richard Parker. During SCP-XXXX’s time as Richard Parker, he frequently expressed his personal disgust with the foundation, it’s practices, and most commonly, it’s use of D class personnel. Richard Parker became SCP-XXXX on ██/██/20██ at site 29, ██:██ pacific standard time; the entire event was captured on video (see Video Log SCP-XXXX-3).

SCP-XXXX’s original host was Caleb Foster of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Caleb transformation into SCP-XXXX occurred on ██/██/19██ at his then current place of work, a local Walmart. Co-workers described Caleb as shy; and at times, a bit too serious with customers. The assistant manager at the time, who was on vacation during the attack, described him as a hard worker, but someone who would most likely want to be literally anywhere else other than there. Eye witness reports from the survivors of SCP-XXXX’s emergence described Caleb being chewed out by his manager, Some survivors believe they heard the terms “cut your hours” or “cut your pay” being used frequently. Eye witnesses watching Caleb described him having a flat face at first, but then slowly growing more and more furious. Gritted teeth, tightly balled fists, sharp eyebrows, and “the stare” were not uncommon descriptions of Caleb appearance. At the time of SCP-XXXX’s emergence, eye witnesses described him screaming at the top of his lungs followed by his entire body beginning to shine a bright white while the deafening scream became louder and louder; until eventually, his whole body exploded into a massive fireball engulfing half the store. The Foundation was alerted when reports of an explosion with no probable cause was broadcast on the local evening news. All eye witness survivors and bystanders who witnessed the event were given class C amnestics and a cover story was created to hide the emergence of SCP-XXXX. Following the event, Foundation personnel officially designated Caleb Foster as SCP-XXXX and it’s object class as neutralized. Caleb’s body was never recovered.

SCP-XXXX’s second recorded host was Elizabeth Shults of Hope, North Dakota, United States. Elizabeth’s transformation into SCP-XXXX occurred at ██:██ on ██/██/19██ at her place of work, Sheev’s Fun Gun Range, the entire event was recorded on internal security cameras (See Video Log SCP-XXXX-1). Interviews with Elizabeth’s family following her event describes her as a passionate young lady who believed in freedom of choice above all else, Elizabeth’s mother described her as someone who was willing to defend someones choice no matter the person making it nor the choice they were making. Foundation personnel were alerted to the scene when the local news described a “MASS KILLING THE LIKES OF WHICH HOPE HAD NEVER SEEN!!!”. Upon initial containment, tapes from the security footage were reviewed, and re-reviewed by B class personnel, and promptly confiscated. The entire town of hope was given class B amnestics due to the town being relatively scarcely populated, making the entire population very much involved in each others lives. A cover story was created to hide the re-emergence of SCP-XXXX. Foundation personnel identified the anomalous behavior of Elizabeth Shults synonymous with that of Caleb Foster and re-designated SCP-XXXX as a keter entity. Elizabeth’s body was never recovered.

SCP-XXXX’s third host was Joshua Spinet of Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States. Joshua’s transformation occurred in the middle of a business meeting at ██:██ on ██/██/19██ at his place of work, The Smithsonian. After initial transformation, SCP-XXXX was detained via taser by the buildings security due to it’s anomalous properties. Due to the location in which the transformation occurred, foundation personnel were quickly informed and immediately dispatched to take control of the situation. The only known interview of SCP-XXXX was recorded in the basement storeroom of the Smithsonian’s ███████████ Division (see Video Log SCP-XXXX-2). Initial containment involved supplying class C amnestics to everyone inside the meeting room as well as to the security guards who escorted SCP-XXXX downstairs. Joshua Spinet is the only known host to SCP-XXXX that has been thwarted.

SCP-XXXX’s fourth and final recorded host before becoming Richard Parker was Natsuki Kotoyama of Shinjo, Yamagata, Japan. Natsuki transformed into SCP-XXXX on ██/██/20██, the exact time is unknown. Interviews with local officials who at the time kept the event from reaching the general public described Natsuki as an inspirational person in the community, often going out of his way to see that people were treated fairly, and equally as often not showing any remorse to people who did not. Natsuki’s occupation was a local community college professor for language arts, interviews with his co-teachers described a man who was only strict with students when he believed it was absolutely necessary. Not a single fellow teacher even suggested that Natsuki was unhappy with his occupation nor a wish to change it in the slightest. The only person to witness Natsuki as SCP-XXXX was his wife, Sakura Kotoyama. In an interview, she described Natsuki as ‘being himself when he got home, but not being himself when he left’. The exact series of events leading to Natsuki’s transformation are unknown, though his internet search history prior to leaving the house featured a forum board regarding student protests, a youtube video of kids rioting in the streets, and the social media pages of several students, some his own, some not. Mrs. Kotoyama description of Natsuki when he left the house was that he had a ‘slight glow about him’; synonymous to that of Caleb Foster, Elizabeth Shults, and Joshua Spinet when they were transformed into SCP-XXXX. The event occurred at a nighttime protest regarding tuition costs held by students at the college campus. The foundation was alerted to the scene when the community college reported it was missing 90% of its attendance. Initial containment involved lacing food and water supplies with varying strengths of class C to class A amnestics throughout the entire province of Yamagata, the strongest of which being supplied the the areas closest to the event. A cover story was created to cover up the re-emergence of SCP-XXXX. Autopsies of the bodies from the event showed the body overproducing the digestive acids in the stomach and intestinal systems until the cellular regeneration cycle of the surrounding tissue failed, resulting in internal organs being digested from the inside out. In total, 1,034 students were killed by the Shinjo event alone. Natsuki’s body was never recovered.

The exact number of hosts to SCP-XXXX is currently unknown.

Video Logs:
Video Log SCP-XXXX-1:
Elizabeth Shults is working her usual shift as the desk clerk for rentable guns at the range, When someone, presumably from out of town, dressed flamboyantly enters into the establishment. There are 20 people inside the establishment, the events leading to SCP-XXXX’s emergence will involve 5 separate locals (Bob, Buck, Billy, Barry, and Dave), the manager (Joe), the person from out of town (Tyler), and Elizabeth.
[Begin playback]
(Tyler enters the building, all 5 locals turn their heads to the door, upon viewing his outfit, they scorn him, Tyler walks up to Elizabeth)
Tyler: Afternoon, is this where I rent the rifles?
Bob: Depends there son, do ya plan on using it here on the floor, er back in the stalls?
Elizabeth: Don’t mind him, it’ll be $50 for an hour or $100 for as long as you like
Buck: I know something long that he might like
Billy: (whistles)
Elizabeth: Will you guys cut it out? (Talking to Tyler) I’m sorry there barely ever like this.
Bob: Yeah, you got us on one of our good days.
Barry: So I suggest you leave while were still good to ya.
Tyler: look I’m really not looking for trouble.
Dave: Oh aren’t ya know, well thats to fuggin’ bad, cause now I’m in a troublesome mood
Bob: (shoves Tyler hard) GIT OUT OF ‘ERE YA FAGGOT!!!
Dave: HEY! What the hells goin on out here?
Buck: This damn peacock won’t leave.
Billy: (whistles)
Dave: Now hold on, lemme talk to him.
Barry: Don’t get too close, he may get you where the sun don’t shine
Dave: FUCK OFF FRED!!! (Leans in close to whisper to Tyler) listen bud, this just isn’t a good time, it’s not against ya it’s just I don’t wanna scene in my establishment, you understand.
Tyler: Absolutely, sorry for everything.
Elizabeth: WHAT!?!?! NOW HOLD ON!!! You can’t just kick him out of here because of how he dressed.
Dave: He’s not kicking him out because of his dress, he’s kicking him out cause the a FUCKIN’ QUEER!!!
Bob, Buck, Billy, Barry: (laughing loudly)
(At this moment Elizabeth begins clenching her fists and gritting her teeth in pure rage, all of the locals join together in laughter as Tyler begins to make his way out the door, then)
Elizabeth: (smiles) Mhm, mhmhmhmhmahahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
(The entire establishment goes quiet, Tyler turns around, Elizabeth begins to glow a bright white)
Elizabeth: You redneck hillbillies think your so funny for laughing at an innocent, thats not funny. But this is.
(Elizabeth’s entire body glows an incredibly bright white, her figure is no longer distinguishable, bolts of electricity shoot out in all directions at everyone inside the establishment, every local, Joe the manager, and Tyler, their bodies slowly being cooked to death; all the while in the background you can hear a bellowing maniacal laugh in a males voice. Approximately 3 minutes later the light disappears, everyone in the establishment has been slowly electrocuted to death, Elizabeth’s body is nowhere to be seen.)
[End Playback]

Video Log SCP-XXXX-2:
Joshua Spinet is tied to a folding chair in the basement a spotlight is shining brightly on his face, Joshua himself is out cold, his body glowing a bright white. There are 3 people, an A class personnel, An SCP Foundation Guard, and Joshua Spinet as SCP-XXXX.
[Begin Playback]
(Guard takes a bucket of ice water and throws it onto SCP-XXXX jolting him awake)
SCP-XXXX: GAH! Buh, wh.. What is this.
Dr. Scypher: Ah, you’re awake, hello there Joshua, My name is Dr. Scypher, and I will be conducting your interview today.
Dr. Scypher: Question one, what are you?
SCP-XXXX: Release me and I won’t kill you.
Dr. Scypher: Why don’t you kill us now?
SCP-XXXX: I have no quarrel with you, yet.
Dr. Scypher: Who do you have a quarrel with? The people in that meeting?
SCP-XXXX: You do not know the atrocities they have committed against me, Reorganization, 3rd party investors, foreign inventory with no record of it’s origin, IT IS FOR THESE REASONS THOSE PEOPLE MUST DIE!!! Now release me, or I will kill you next.
Dr. Scypher: Really? And what happens if we kill you first, (Guard takes out hand pistol and points it at SCP-XXXX’s temple) you haven’t left your host yet so something tells me you can’t, are you somehow bound to him?
SCP-XXXX: HHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! YOU CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO COMPREHEND MY POWER!!!!! (SCP-XXXX begins to glow brighter and brighter, the guard reacts and pulls the trigger killing Joshua Spinet. The surrounding white glow of SCP-XXXX leaves Joshua’s body and floats up through the roof above them)
Dr. Scypher: Ah, so I guess that doesn’t kill you
[End Playback]

Video Log SCP-XXXX-3:
This clip is comprised of multiple hallway security recordings, it follows the journey of Richard Parker from his containment unit to the outside of a Euclid class containment cell where he will be briefed by a B class personnel, Dr. Markus, before entering. There are 4 people including Richard that lead to the emergence of SCP-XXXX, 2 foundation guards, Dr. Markus, and Richard Parker.
[Begin Playback]
(Richard is sitting in his containment cell waiting for his next assignment, Dr. Markus speaks over the intercom in his cell)
Dr. Markus: (over intercom) Mr. Parker Class D, you are scheduled for Euclid testing, prepare to be transferred
(Richard sighs, stands up and faces the cell door, it opens and 2 Foundation guards are waiting to transfer him, they walk him to the Euclid containment area, Dr. Markus is waiting at the door)
Dr. Markus: Ah, the infamous Richard, come for another round of tests?
Richard: Funny doc, you make it sound like I have a choice.
Dr. Markus: Hehe, yeah, WELL! Today I have a interesting SCP for you, SCP… 647, I think your record with keters will prove invaluable.
Richard: Alright, might as well ge… hey doc, can I read the information on this SCP?
Dr. Markus: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! GOOD ONE, Y-You know as a B Class I could get shot if I showed you this.
Richard: Hehe, right, but as you said doc, I’m no ordinary D class, don’t you think you should send me into the battlefield with as much experience as possible.
Dr. Markus: Hmmm you make a good point, but I’m still gonna haft say no.
Richard: Mmmm… (Richard smacks the clipboard out of Dr. Markus’ hands, it lands on the floor, on the first page it shows Richard’s case file, and in fresh red ink directly over his ID picture is a stamp in large capital letters reading “Terminated”. Both guards quickly grab his arms to restrain him)
Dr. Markus: (Dr. Markus rushes over to the containment door to open it up, he slams the button and the door slowly begins to creak open)
Richard (Richard is resisting with all he has) THIS WON’T BE MY END, I WILL GET YOU, YOU HEAR ME YOU ALL DEAD!!!!!! (at that moment Richards expression goes flat and stops resisting, both guards reach to better restrain him, Richard smiles) hhhheheheehehehehe, you fucking fools (SCP-XXXX begins to glow a bright white, Dr. Markus looks over at him and his eyes go wide)
Dr. Markus: Oh dear god no.
SCP-XXXX: PRAY TO YOUR GODS ALL YOU WISH, THEY CANNOT SAVE YOU FROM MY RAGE!!!!! (One of the guards pulls out a pistol and points it at SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX meanwhile is glowing brighter and brighter)
Dr. Markus: NO!!! DON’T SHOOT!!! (The guard restrains himself, SCP-XXXX begins to struggle)
SCP-XXXX: YOU ARE ALL DEAD, EVERY TOPHAT, EVERY A CLASS, B CLASS, C CLASS, EVEN MY FELLOW D’S YOU WILL ALL PERISH BY MY HAND!!!* (Dr. Markus reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a Class B setative, He rushes over and injects it into SCP-XXXX’s neck)
KILL YOU ALL!!!, KILL.. YOU.. ALL!! Kill…. Yo…….you all……….dead (SCP-XXXX is knocked out cold)
Dr. Markus:**You two help me get him to an A class isolation, if that sedative wears off, WE’RE ALL DEAD!!! (The 3 of them rush SCP-XXXX off to a containment chamber)
[End Playback]