Skele101 - Sandbox
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain in Hanger 4 at Site 15 and at all times must have at least 2 Class D personnel guarding all entrances. Access to SCP-XXXX for testing is restricted to Level 3 clearance. Once a month SCP-XXXX is to have a crew of Level 0 accompanied by a Level 3 class personnel is to dust SCP-XXXX and occupants.
Addendum-01 Class D crews are to replace Level 0 personnel for bimonthly cleanings and remain in teams of three at all times with check-ins set for 15-minute intervals. In the instance that a member of the crew misses the check-in, all personnel are to exit SCP-XXXX immediately and wait in the designated space within the hanger until SCP-XXXX is searched by a team of 3 Class 2 personnel for missing member. Level 1 Biohazard procedure is in effect for anyone interacting with SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Douglas C-54A commercial airplane, mark: ██████. SCP-XXXX is of standard construction and in working order. Flight ██████ took off from Honolulu at 22:47 PST on route to LAX on March ██, 19██. At 05:54 PST the pilot reported a fire on the engine and that the crew and passengers may be required to abandon the aircraft, after which there was no further radio contact. Following this SCP-XXXX was discovered by park rangers in Kofa National park, there was no sign of a crash landing. SCP Containment Teams were called in for procurement and media interference after local law enforcement discovered the anomalous state of the passengers. SCP-XXXX was moved subsequently to nearby Site 15 intact. Engine no.2 does show evidence of a fire; anomalous burn pattern and burn remnants shows there was some kind of plastic material near the engine which had been burned away; samples have been sent to the lab to determine it's origins. Luggage in the cargo hold, and carry on luggage inside SCP-XXXX is appropriate for the time period, no anomalous objects present. Inside SCP-XXXX is 9 individuals, who appear to be made entirely of plastic. Investigation and Experimentation files for each specimen are listed as SCP-XXXX-01 to SCP-XXXX-9. Please see experimentation logs for more details on SCP-XXXX-01 to SCP-XXXX-09. Addendum-02 After Incident-XXXX-A a file has been added for SCP-XXXX-10.