Red Night Spirit(Skia Voithos)

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Scp-3XXX is to be kept in a 22.86 meter containment zone with fifteen(15) individual rooms that shift constantly similar to a rubix cube,rooms are to be given light at random for minutes than taken away this process will confuse Scp-3XXX who will constantly shift from room to room,Scp-3XXX does not leave these rooms and as of █/█/20██ Scp-3XXX was reclassified as Safe.
Scp-3XXX’s containment zone is to be cheeked weekly for any electrical or technological problems,in case of containment breach all lights in Site-111 are to be put on and one D-Class personnel is to be placed in a temporary containment zone with no lights so
Scp-3XXX will hunt the subject ,Scp-3XXX will be kept there until its original containment is fixed.

Scp-3XXX is a translucent 1.2192 meter sphere of paranormal energy that emits blinding red light that when seen directly will blind individuals and in some cases drive subjects into a state of insanity it is not known how this is done do to how fast it has shown the ability to alter brainwaves,Scp-3XXX survives in dark areas and will want to escape all bright areas,Scp-3XXX hunt’s subjects in odd ranges of time sometimes killing them in a Hour other recorded times showing Scp-3XXX stalking to last two years,once Scp-3XXX is done stalking individuals it will devour them emitting a orangish glow,how Scp-3XXX consumes is unknown.

Scp-3XXX was found by foundation personnel after report of a ghost that blinded a whole town in ████ Texas,Task Force ████-19 successfully contained the entity by luring it to hunt a D-Class subject into the back of a containment vehicle, Class-B amnestics were given to everyone within the town.