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Item #: SCP-XXXX
The identification of the following subject is still in progress of registration of the facility.

Object Class: Euclid Keter Thaumiel.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a customized cell equipped with manual lock and a signalizing switch for SCP-40XX to activate whenever he is about to leave his cell. The cell should be separated from the rest of the building.

Methods of completely containing SCP-XXXX proved to be ineffective for various reasons which include but are not limited to: Sudden electric shortage, sudden combustion of nearby elements, unusually powerful weather conditions and so on. When it comes to SCP-XXXX's containment, whatever could go wrong will go wrong, no matter how unlikely it is. However, due to his harmless behavior, SCP-XXXX is allowed to roam through the facility with appropriate supervision and safety procedures.

SCP-XXXX has the needs of any human being. But it is also important that he has means of distractions and entertainment with the exception of internet access, which is forbidden. Only personal that have passed the required focus training may enter his cell in case of emergency or if the Foundation demands SCP-XXXX for testing or interrogating other SCPs. Outside of this scenario, no personal may approach SCP-XXXX's cell at any point of the day.

If the subject is seen walking outside of his cell, do not open fire. Instead, alert your nearest official about his current position immediately. It is also not necessary to sound the alarm, since SCP-XXXX already has a specific signal to alert the staff that he is leaving the cell and he will almost always press it by his own volition. Do not attempt to interact with SCP-XXXX. He will never harm you intentionally and will avoid unnecessary interaction as much as possible, so just ignore him and follow the procedures specified.

Whenever he is outside of his cell, SCP-XXXX is instructed to always use a white uniform with his SCP number written in large black letters, to inform the personal to not interact with him.

In scenarios where the communication with SCP-XXXX is deemed necessary, no personal is allowed to enter alone, must always be as concise as possible, maintain personal distance with the subject and avoid any topics that might reveal personal information to SCP-XXXX. And, although SCP-XXXX will often remind personal to maintain their distance, he won't always be fully in control of his effects in other people or in himself, causing him to get carried away in a sudden conversation. At this point, other personal in the area must cease the conversation with SCP-XXXX immediately.


SCP-XXXX is a 28 years old caucasian male with three eyes with light blue colored iris, he is 1.63 meters tall and weights 53 kilograms. His third eye appears to be quite sensitive to light and wind, SCP-XXXX usually hides it beneath bandages.

All forms of photographic registrations of SCP-XXXX seem to automatically blur or glitch. The speciment stated that the most reliable way to register his appearance would be to sketch him.

For some reason, any creature in a 5 meter radius around SCP-XXXX feels compelled to interact with him and he will also feel compelled to interact with them. Whenever SCP-XXXX engages a conversation his personally and even his intellect seems to adapt to allow for the most pleasant conversation, even if SCP-XXXX has never met said subject before. This causes any subject interacting with XXXX to want to talk with him more and more. However, for some reason, the range of this effect can be extended through any sort of communication. Letters, messages, phone calls even videos of him speaking can also trigger the same effect.

Prolonged contact with SCP-XXXX will cause unfortunate events in the life of any subject shortly after they part ways. During SCP-XXXX's life these "unfortunate events" were brushed aside as simple bad luck or coincidences, but it seems that the intensity of the "bad luck" has increased significantly throughout the last four years. Based on information that SCP-XXXX gave to the foundation, it safe to assume that the death of his wife was the key factor to cause SCP-XXXX to willingly seek the foundation's containment.

SCP-XXXX also exhibits an impossible of luck at all times. When his predicament was started to cause security issues throughout the entire facility, an order was issued to his termination. SCP-XXXX cooperated with no resistance, but all shots fired missed him. When attempting a point-blank shot, a weapon in perfect condition will randomly jam, rust and/or break entirely. Attempts of physically harm SCP-XXXX has also been proven pointless, as the personal will unwilling or incapable of intentionally harming SCP-XXXX. As far as we've confirmed, everything is susceptible to this effect: From microorganism and inanimate objects to the most aggressive and gargantuan entities. His "luck" also seems to extend against his own will, as previous attempt of suicide proved that not even SCP-XXXX seems to be capable of ending his own life. This "luck" also seems to be the cause of unforeseen security failure around XXXX as well as the cause for his impulses to interact with other certain SCP.

█ weeks ago, Dr.███████ discovered that this phenomena is apparently being caused by a second entity that will now be named as SCP-XXXX-1.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a shadow that roams around SCP-XXXX, invisible to any human eyes, only visible when using ████████████ vision and ████████ equipped. It's appearance is similar to an empty cloak, that swims through the air, presumably, being manifested into this world through another dimension.

Whenever SCP-XXXX interacts with someone, a piece of SCP-XXXX-1 gets separated from it's main body and will follow the subject, presumably to cause unfortunate events, but we are still unable to properly record when these events are being triggered. Due to that, we can assume that SCP-XXXX-1, and by extension, it's pieces that follow other subjects are sentient and very aware that the Foundation is trying to understand that.

In his first month in the facility, the Foundation already decided to use SCP-XXXX to interact with other Euclid and Keter-classed objects.

The Foundation made XXXX to interact entities such as SCP-173 who doesn't seem to notice SCP-XXXX's presence, SCP-096 who doesn't mind SCP-XXXX to see it's face, even though it appears to be aware of his presence, and, even more so then others, SCP-682, which has also been confirmed to unwilling to kill SCP-XXXX despite it's disgust towards human beings.

Since many interactions with SCP-XXXX has led to death of the subject, the Foundation made sure to communicate with SCP-682 as much as possible.

Conversations between XXXX and 682 often surpass 12 hours. XXXX's intellect grows with each second while interacting with 682 and their conversation's complexity increases exponentially. After 6 hours of conversations, both SCP seem to "change languages" and start to speak in an unknown and unidentifiable language. Presumably, SCP-682 found a way to teach this language to SCP-XXXX in code words or using physical signs, but we are still unable to confirm.

In response to these interactions, SCP-XXXX-1 attempted to torture SCP-682. The first three attempts only resulted in an spontaneous electric surge in SCP-682 that made the acid in it's containment chamber much more powerful for 9 hour and a sudden containment breach of SCP-682 that almost allowed him to escape. All of these unfortunate events proved to be either very painful or very frustrating to SCP-682, but that was not enough to discourage SCP-682 to actively ask for SCP-XXXX's company.

However, after the fourth interaction between these two, SCP-XXXX-1 manifested itself on the material world for the very first time. The following events were register by doctor █████ and other four assistants, that were present at that time.

Interviewed: Doctor ███████.

Interviewer: Agent ████.
Foreword: After three attempts of "unfortunate events", SCP-XXXX-1 entered the physical world in order to directly cause harm to SCP-682, to whom SCP-XXXX had the most conversations so far.

<Begin Log>

Agent ████: Hello, Doctor ███████.

Doctor ███████: Hello there… How can I help you…?

Agent ████: …Do you not recognize me?

Doctor ███████: …Pardon?

Agent ████: We've worked together in the █████████ incident.

Doctor ███████: Ah, yes, of course… Agent ████, how could I forget? Would you like a cup of tea?

Agent ████: Wha- No. I wanted to ask you about the incident between SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-682.

Doctor ███████: …….. [Doctor ███████ appears to be visually shaken].

Agent ████: [To personal outside the room] I thought he wasn't sedated before the interview.

Doctor ███████: I'm not, my dear, I'm just… Recollecting my thoughts…

Agent ████: Let's start slower then… What was the first thing you remember?

Doctor ███████: The room got colder. Much much colder. Not the temperature in itself, but something else. Everyone could feel it. Even SCP-682 was showing signs of distress before it happened…

Agent ████: What happened?

Doctor ███████: A screeching sound filled the containment site, a large hole appeared next to 682. Being sliced by some sort of black metal, it distorted it's surroundings, making our very dimension feel like paper… And, by "feeling" I mean tangible feel, as if it was touching and bending everything around it, including us. The very sight of that was already causing one of my assistants to vomit and I assure you, none of my assistants have weak stomachs and we've seen plenty of disturbing sights in my years with the foundation… The way it moved appeared to be cloth but looked and sounded like metal being dragged across the floor, it was twisting and seemingly breaking itself, letting pieces of it drip on the ground like a cloak made of living tar. It then… [Hesitates]… It then proceeded to crawl into the acid, swimming effortlessly in it, around the lizard but without causing feedback on the acid it self. The lizard was already incredibly furious, like nothing I've seen before… It was probably better if I had ordered an evacuation right there and there but… I couldn't. I was both horrified and hypnotized at the same time…

Agent ████: Doctor?

Doctor ███████: …… [Sobbing].

Agent ████: Do you need to drink something?

Doctor ███████: No, don't worry about me. [Wipes his tears with his sleeve] SCP-XXXX-1 then proceeded to, seemingly, lift SCP-682 above the acid. But it couldn't move. SCP-682 struggle and roared to no avail. Large twisted black spikes that seemed to take the form from SCP-XXXX-1's back and it took the shape of… well… not exactly a spiked whip, though it did resemble that, it seemed to be multiple large scythes, melted into one at the base or, perhaps, a single scythe with multiple heads.

Agent ████: And it was using that in an attempt to kill SCP-682?

Doctor ███████: No, I don't think so… It seemed like that at first, but it became clear that it's purpose there was to torture SCP-682 as much as possible. It started with slow motions, making the scythes slashed through 682 like it was marshmallow… It was doing so easily and so… Calmly… It didn't reacted to anything SCP-682 was doing. It just kept tearing many pieces of the lizard, waiting for him to regenerate and repeating the process……. The screams of agony coming from SCP-682 were… Extremely disturbing.

Agent ████: How long did this torture continued?

Doctor ███████: ██ hours… But, at some point, SCP-682 had completely adapted to the SCP-XXXX-1's scythes, his appearance was clearly much different than before, it's skin was like a black diamond, seemingly the exact same metal which composes SCP-XXXX-1's scythes. That's when SCP-XXXX-1 engulfed SCP-682 in it's own darkness for about 2 minutes, and, when SCP-682 came out, it came out in the same form that it was before encountering SCP-XXXX-1.

Agent ████: Wait, what do you mean?

Doctor ███████: … [Breathes in]…SCP-XXXX-1 made SCP-682 go back in it's previous form so it could torture him longer. THAT'S WHAT I MEAN. And it kept tearing pieces of 682 again and again and again, getting faster and faster, studying it and learning what hurts SCP-682 and what doesn't, how it can regenerate and evolves while it devolved 682's previous mutations SO IT COULD MAKE IT SCREAM LOUDER! [Doctor ███████ slams both hands in the table].


Doctor ███████: [Breathless and sobbing] …I…I think we're done here.

Agent ████: No, wait! Before we end it, do you think SCP-XXXX-1 may be capable of killing SCP-682?

Doctor ███████: My dear, I have no idea… But, if I were you, I would be more concerned what it can to us.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [The most likely theory is that SCP-XXXX-1 is torturing SCP-682 so intensely so it can hate SCP-XXXX. As it is the only being that can talk to SCP-XXXX. By the time of this recording, SCP-XXXX is still regenerating and seems to be extremely injured, but because of Dr.███████'s testimony as well as previous observations of SCP-XXXX's personality being affected by SCP-682's personality, I, agent ████ strongly advise against letting SCP-XXXX interact with SCP-682 again].

Update - "This is agent ████. After ignoring my judgement about not allowing SCP-XXXX to interact with SCP-682, the Foundation's higher ups insisted on keep the tests go on… But on the tenth interaction between the two of them, SCP-682 attempt to kill SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX is heavily injured and hospitalized, the effect of it's presence near all subjects is still active, so conversations with SCP-XXXX are still strictly regulated and the fact that SCP-XXXX survived after being locked in 682's cell while he was enraged is nothing short of a miracle… However, SCP-XXXX-1 can no longer be detected around SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX-1's current whereabouts and intentions are unknown."