Item #: xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The exlusion zone surrounding SCP-xxxx is to be routinely sprayed with insecticide containing the chemical compound DDT starting at the periphery of the exlusion zone. The treatment of the area should begin at the edge of the exclusion zone nearest the home, with a DDT concentration of 10%, with treatments increasing in strength by 10% every 20 meters further away from the center. All Personnel are required to wear clothing permethrin treated clothing when within the containment area. D-class Personnel are to be stationed every 30 meters within the exclusion zone, and are to be armed with insect repellent and a flashlight with a rating of at least 250 lumens. Should an instance of SCP-xxxx-A attempt to leave, it should be ordered asked to return to it's home, and and requests made by SCP-xxxx-A should be recorded and submitted to site Administration for approval. No foundation Staff are allowed within the exclusion zone after night fall without clearance from site administration from OS-2 or above.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a two story home currently located on a roughly one and a half hectare plot of land approximately 1.3 kilometers [REDACTED] of Site ██. The plot of land is distinctly oval shaped, the dimensions of which are, when measured through the center, 175 meters east to west, and 86 meters north to south, with variation depending on the growth of vegetation. The area including 200 meters around the oval in all directions is hereby referred to as the exclusion zone. A two story home is located in the center of the plot. SCP-xxxx contains entities, designated SCP-xxxx-A through SCP-xxxx-E of which A through D reside within the domicile.

SCP-xxxx-A is a humanoid figure, 1.7 meters tall, it resembles and human male approximately 43 years old, with fair skin and black hair, Its veins are clearly visible over the exposed portion of its body, and apear to crawl as though filled with small insects. In place of human eyes it has what appear to be large, black, multi faceted compound eyes. It is the only instance capable of speech, and refers to itself as "Father". SCP-xxxx-B is almost identical to SCP-xxxx-A, But stands at 1.5 meters tall, and has dark tan colored compound eyes. It is referred to as "Mother" by SCP-xxxx-A. However it is currently unkown if this title indicates that SCP-xxxx-A and -B are mates, or if it merely indicates a difference in sex. SCP-xxxx-C and -D are smaller, being only 1 meter tall, and have a outwardly androgynous apearence resembling prepubescent children. SCP-xxxx-A refers to both instances as "Kids" even when addressing them individually. (See Incident Log █/██/09)

SCP-xxxx-E refers to the multitude of arthropods found in the area and in the home, SCP-xxxx-E Instances are indistinguishable from naturally occuring arthropods. Within the home, Instances vary depending on where they ae encountered, with those ocurring within the domicile typically consisting of various species of Formicidae. Notably species ecountered are frequently of a non-native variety, such as the frequent occurence of ███████ ██████, previously found only on the Foundation controlled island of [REDACTED], in the south Pacific. Outside of the home
-insects attack people nearby at night,
-milk must be delivered weekly,
-subjects staying overnight disapear,
-explain where they came from,
-they know more than they let on
-imply -B is actually leader
-Imply more are out ther "Cousins"
-Become aggitated if insects are harmed in home.
-Create event log for time a child was killed