Item #: SCP-3385

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a locked cell in the E-Wing of Site-81. The cell must include no less than 4 metric tonnes of material from its location of origin (see Addendum XXXX-1 for more information on the material).

Any personnel given clearance to enter the cell must be dosed with provided stimulants (minimum 200mg caffeine) prior to entry. Protective clothing will be provided and must be worn at all times in the cell. Under no circumstances are personnel permitted to spend longer than 3 hours inside. Personnel will be remotely monitored via an earpiece at all times by a Security Officer, and will be given a verbal prompt through the earpiece every 3 minutes following entry. If they do not respond to the prompt, no less than two Security Officers will be dispatched for an immediate extraction.

While in the cell, personnel must not make physical contact with SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an entity superficially resembling a humanoid. It appears obscured by the material from its location of origin, with no more than two appendages made visible at any given time.

Researchers have identified that SCP-XXXX possesses at least one head and two hands. The hands appear identical, and most closely resemble the features of a hairless Hylobates agilis, or black-handed gibbon, enlarged to approximately 2.5 times the average size (about 56 cm in length). The intermittent appearances of arms, legs and feet have also been recorded - with the feet bearing a similar resemblance to an enlarged, hairless variety of the gibbon. The head and neck bears the size and proportions of a fully grown human male. The entity possesses notably sunken eye sockets, and appears to lack any eyes.

The entity has been difficult to study on account of the layers of material wrapped around its body. The material itself has been identified as a combination of brown plastic bags, toilet paper, seran wrap, and thin cardboard, all of which appears worn and soiled with an unknown, tan-colored substance. The entity’s head is also fully covered in soiled plastic bags bearing the logo of popular supermarket chain [REDACTED]. The bags appear to be pulled over the entity’s eye sockets and into the space where human eyes would typically be present.

Conventional attempts to contain SCP-XXXX initially failed. However, when enough materials (approximately 4 t) were transported from the location of origin into containment at Site-81, SCP-XXXX was no longer detectable at the location. 45 seconds later, sensors posted in the containment cell began to detect movement, and the entity was re-identified on site.

SCP-XXXX obscures itself entirely to any cameras or researchers stationed within a radius of approximately 4 m. Attempts to uncover or detect SCP-XXXX after it has obscured itself have been unsuccessful, making a thorough study of the entity impossible until a successful method of research is discovered.

SCP-XXXX exhibits very low levels of activity while alone in its cell. Occasional shuffling has been detected on audio-visual monitors, along with some minor rearrangements of the objects in its cell. Any other behavior should be immediately reported to researchers on-site.

Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX was first identified in a condemned house 10 km north of ████████, North Dakota, U.S.A. The residence at which SCP-XXXX was first observed has since been gutted (its contents incinerated) and demolished. The empty property was later converted into a green space in an effort to ensure that any other potential instances of SCP-XXXX do not appear. It is also theorized that razing and converting the property might improve the chances that the current instance of SCP-XXXX will remain in containment.

Addendum XXXX-2: Physical contact with the entity has invariably resulted in a rapid onset of necrosis at the area of contact. The form of necrosis most closely emulates dry gangrene, caused by a spontaneous and unexplained ischemia (loss of blood flow) in the affected area. This effect appears unchanged from species to species. The onset of necrosis is also unaffected by most worn clothing or protective coverings that would separate SCP-XXXX from the subject’s skin during contact. Any solid (non-porous) coverings thicker than approximately 3 cm have been proven to marginally lessen the effect. A covering that can reliably protect subjects from the necrosis effect has yet to be discovered.

In addition to this effect, subjects have reported distinct feelings of lethargy and fatigue shortly after entering the entity’s cell. The use of stimulants prior to entering the cell was successful in lessening these feelings, but only for the duration of the stimulants’ effect. All subjects on record have succumbed to unconsciousness by the fifth hour of containment. At this time, SCP-XXXX exhibits a noticeable change in behavior.

After all subjects have fallen unconscious, the entity will uncover its head and face in the direction of any unconscious subjects in the room. Approximately 5 to 9 minutes after its head is uncovered, the entity extends an arm to make contact with the nearest subject, and pulls the subject into the piles of material, completely obscuring the subject’s body. Infrared imaging monitors have recorded a rapid depletion of heat in the area where the unconscious subject was last detected. Subjects have been uncovered after this event upon searching through the material; all subjects have been found deceased and visibly shrunken, with severe gangrenous necrosis covering [REDACTED] percent of the body.