Item #: SCP-[REDACTED]-1

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Item SCP-[Redacted]-1 is containable, but difficult to keep in as he can leave at any time, however, SCP-[Redacted]-1 Is cooperative, and he can
Be contained quite easily. His containment
Chamber is the size of an aircraft hangar,
To hold all of the items he materializes.

Description: SCP-[Redacted]-1 randomly came into Site-[Redacted] At an unknown date. Origin of SCP-[Redacted]-1 is unknown at this time. SCP-[Redacted]-1 has the appearance of a scientist at the facility. He has Brown hair and Blue eyes. SCP-[Redacted]-1 Is of average height and weight for his estimated age, 24. SCP-[Redacted]-1 appears to have a great liking of coffee. One attack is currently reported (See Incident [Redacted]-B). Personnel report that SCP-[Redacted]-1 has been roaming around the facility, and usually hangs around SCP- 682. SCP- 682 has no reaction to him, proving that he is a nonliving being. SCP-[Redacted]-1 is immune to everything and anomalous effects are proven useless. SCP-[Redacted]-1 does not need any sustenance to live. If SCP-[Redacted]-1 cannot be found, then he may be in SCP- 682’s containment chamber. Any questioning of SCP-[Redacted]-1 is proven to be useless, as he tells personnel what they already know. SCP-[Redacted]-1 claims to know everything about all the SCP’s, but that is yet to be proven. 4 Shipments of black coffee are to be shipped to SCP-[Redacted]-1’s containment chamber per month. SCP-[Redacted]-1 is asked why he can’t make his own, he claims to not be able to create “The Good Stuff”. SCP-[Redacted]-1 prefers to be called Dr. Alex [Redacted], for unknown reasons.

Incident [Redacted]-A: During a containment breach, SCP-[Redacted]-1 explored the facility, and did not react to any scientists, Class D, or any other facility members. Eventually, SCP-[Redacted]-1 Went into SCP- 173’s containment chamber, SCP-173 had no reaction to SCP- [Redacted]-1. Next, SCP-[Redacted]-1 went Into SCP- 012’s containment chamber. SCP-[Redacted]-1 had no reaction to SCP- 012. SCP-[Redacted]-1 then went into SCP- 166’s chamber, and rather had a friendly chat. MTF entered the facility and witnessed SCP- 166. They began to open the containment door. Cameras cut out at this time, but it is theorized that SCP- [Redacted]-1 had driven MTF away and wiped their memories. When MTF woke, every single SCP was contained. SCP-[Redacted]-1 could have unknown relations with other SCP’s, and could have powers beyond what is already recorded.

Incident [Redacted]-B:

Creator: Slayble
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