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Cover of SCP-4219

Item #: SCP-4219

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4219 was formerly kept in a locker on site 86 that required personnel level 2 and above to open.

Description: SCP-4219 was a black college ruled composition notebook measuring 9-3/4" x 7-1/2" that belonged to former facility guard Fiona Martinez. SCP-4219 had various blue and orange marks on the cover and had the statement "If lost return to Fiona Martinez" written in black sharpie.
Inside SCP-4219 were various drawings, sketches, and handwritten documents similar to the foundation's own containment procedure documents. Most documents were incomplete, with multiple lines crossed out and notes in the margins about "believability".

SCP-4219 had the ability to alter the reader's beliefs to accommodate whatever claim was written in SCP-4219. Pictures of claims written on the pages of SCP-4219 would also cause the same effect. Testing showed that even the most ridiculous claims would be believed if read on SCP-4219 (see test log A below). SCP-4219 was destroyed during incident 4219-F, see Addendum.

SCP-4219 was discovered when facility guard Denis Lang reported that there was a "gun that could kill anything" and that the "facility needs to get it." Upon further questioning, Lang revealed he had read about this gun in the journal of the late Fiona Martinez when he was cleaning out her office.

Test A - 2/10/████


Procedure: D-8103 wrote, "The Earth is a cube" on the third page of SCP-4219 and read it out loud. Afterward, he was given class 1 truth serum and asked about the shape of the earth.

Results: D-8103 appeared confused at the question and replied with "a cube shape". When asked if he was sure, D-8103 replied "of course, that's like 3rd-grade science"

Analysis: It appears that any subject who reads a claim written on SCP-4219 will believe it, no matter how absurd said claim may seem.

Addendum 4219-1 SCP-4219 was destroyed during a fire that broke out at site 86 on 2/27/████. The cause of the fire appeared to be an improperly put out cigarette. Six staff members were killed during incident 4219-F (see below). No remains of SCP-4219 were found.

List of personnel killed during incident 4219-F

Researcher James Fletcher
Doctor Richard Ferguson
Researcher Bethany Cunningham
Facility Guard Mark O'Neil
Facility Guard Hannah Christianson
Nurse Uriel Amari

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