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Item #: SCP-[SCP #]

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-[SCP #] is to be contained within a 7 meter by 7 meter by 7 meter containment cell. A series of 3 containment doors are required to be installed with pressure sensors within the doors. Cameras and audio equipment are to be installed into the four highest corners of the cell. When personnel are required to enter SCP-[SCP #]'s containment, a minimum of 2 people may enter the cell. When entering SCP-[SCP #]'s containment cell, one person is to hold a floodlight, no less than 1000 lux. No sentient being is to be allowed to remain in SCP-[SCP #]'s containment cell for more than 45 minutes.

Description: SCP-[SCP #] is a faintly humanoid creature measuring roughly 3 meters(9.84 feet) in length. SCP-[SCP #] possesses 2.3 meter(7.54 feet) tendrils that sprout from the bottom of SCP-[SCP #]'s hips. Starting at SCP-[SCP #]'s shoulder and ending 3.4 inches from SCP-[SCP #]'s hips is a series of insect like arms. A rough count of SCP-[SCP #]'s arms is between 30 and 10(15-5 arms per side of the torso). SCP-[SCP #]'s head slightly resembles a human head, with the neck being almost the same width of SCP-[SCP #]'s skull. Replacing the facial area of SCP-[SCP #]'s head is large black hole. The hole in SCP-[SCP #]'s face remains completely pitch-black despite the amount of light. The hole seeps a constant black, viscous liquid that appears to disappear or evaporate a few minutes after leaving contact with SCP-[SCP #]'s body.

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