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Item #: SCP-[SCP #]

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-[SCP #]

Description: SCP-[SCP #] is a tall, malnourished humanoid creature. It is 8'9'' and it seems to be virtually weightless. SCP-[SCP #]'s skin is very smooth and pale, with no blemishes or scars. One of the two most noticeable features of SCP-[SCP #] is that instead of a head, it possesses a television that looks to be made in and around the 1990's. SCP-[SCP #] uses the television to communicate using text and symbols. The television lacks any sort of sound system, but SCP-[SCP #] is capable of making animalistic clicks, chirps, and growls. The second noticeable part on SCP-[SCP #] is its massive left arm. Its arm is attached via a part of the shoulder that acts like an extension to push the hulking arm away from it's body. It's arm has a large, curved "scythe" like appendage that extends from the wrist joint, which replaces the hand.

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