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Item #: SCP-X
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X must be contained in the wooden locker on the top floor at site-██. 2 guards must be 1m away from the locker at all times due to incidents of use for harm. Any unauthorized personnel seen touching SCP-X will be terminated on-site. The locker is only accessible with the permission of 2 Level 2+ personnel.

Description: SCP-X is a 3cm x 3cm x 3cm cube of magnetite. It has only has 1 magnetic pole1. SCP-X cannot damage wool cotton. However, upon physical contact with SCP-X, the area touching SCP-X will begin to cease living. prolonged contact time with SCP-X will start to do internal damage.SCP-X's magnetic field is safe when it is not powered by electricity. When SCP-X is connected to an electric current, It's magnetic field will become bigger. Any subject within the range of the powered field will feel the same effects as if they were touching it.

Discovery: SCP-X was owned by Agent ████'s neighbor in ████████, North Dakota. Agent ████ found his neighbor collapsed on his front lawn with SCP-X on the sidewalk. The neighbor woke up soon after and begged Agent ████ to never touch it. Agent ████ called Foundation personnel to bring SCP-X to containment.