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Item #: SCP-3981

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3981 is to be allowed to accompany its person of focus freely, so long as doing so does not interfere with research or containment. If a situation arises where SCP-3981’s presence would be disruptive, its focus person is to leave the situation as soon as possible and get to an area where SCP-3981 will not be problematic. Under no circumstances shall any member of staff attempt to restrain SCP-3981 or prevent it from accompanying its focus person, to potential risk to all personnel involved (see Test D).

Description: SCP-3981 is an extremely member of the pharaoh hound breed of dog. The subject is 91.44 cm high at the shoulder and weighs 38.56 kg. It exhibits the standard tan coloration of its breed and bears a round, white spot on the chest which distinguishes it from other members of its breed, along with its extreme size. The subject is kept in good physical condition due to exercise from enrichment provided by handlers.

The subject displays the inexplicable ability to thwart all attempts at containment in order to be in the constant company of a specific person.
So far, no correlation has been identified between the people that SCP-3981 chooses. These people will be called SCP-3981-1 from here on.
Currently, SCP-3981 is being studied to determine the limits of its ability. So far it has proven capable of getting past even high security containment procedures. Experimentation and results are logged below.