Poetry and Prose

Roses aren't shiny,
Violets aren't clear.
I don't know if you're hot;
at least you're not a sphere.

The ground is red,
The walls are brown.
Don't close your eyes,
or turn around.

Date Night
Roses are red,
So is this wine.
I can't look away,
or it breaks my spine.

Roses are red,
Bees are buzzing.
The farmers are dead,
cuz they were disgusting.

Roses are red,
Your body is impure.
You have the Pestilence,
and I am the cure.

The roses are black.
The violets are rotting.
"Till death do we part":
Have you forgotten?

Roses are romantic,
but I know you'll forget me.
their thorns only prick you,
for me they are deadly.

Roses are viscous,
Violets are overflowing,
The florist's was closed,
But the vending machine was open.

rose is red
long time it's been
we forgive you
let us back in

Roses are pointless.
Talloran is lonely.
Trapped in this void,
Only Only Only.

Your blood is red.
Shoot yourself with a gun!
And remember, kids,
Laugh Is Fun!

Poems are hard,
And so is my dong.
I call it 1730,
Cuz it's so fucking long.

Roses are red,
My suit is green.
I'm not just a cyborg,
I'm a sex machine.

Roses are red,
and so are my scars.
My radio needs fixing,
Come and tug on my wires.

Roses are red,
I fought in a cruel war,
I've got an exoskeleton,
It's not the only thing that's hard.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Follow the billboard
Let it swallow you.

Roses are red,
My app is for free.
You're meant to be scared,
not attracted to me.

Roses are real,
Violets exist.
You forced me to be;
that's why I'm pissed.

Roses are red,
Your brass is golden.
Please join me tonight,
and set our gears in motion.

Roses are red,
Bright blue are your eyes.
I'll heat up your circuits,
with my big hard drive.

Roses are red,
Neither of you are Heathens;
So, Trunnion and Hedwig,
How 'bout a Threesome?

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