Smothcriminal Tertiary Draft Page
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard secure locker at Site-19. Under no circumstance is any Foundation personnel allowed to remove SCP-XXXX from its containment without permission by at least one Level-4 Researcher. If an XXXX-Alpha level event (Code Named: DanceHall) takes place, it is to be reported to Site Command immediately. If a XXXX-Bravo level event (Code Named: Barbershop) or a XXXX-Charlie level event (Code Named: Sing-Song) it is to be recorded for review and recreational purposes.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a replica model umbrella from the 1952 movie 'Singin' in the Rain'. The object itself shows no physical variation in appearance nor in the structure of SCP-XXXX to the original umbrella held at the International Film Museum in Hollywood. SCP-XXXX was discovered in a prop warehouse near █████, Hollywood after multiple videos of "flash mobs" in the area reached the internet. The Foundation prepared a full sweep of the area and eventually uncovered SCP-XXXX after Sgt.██████ and his team became involved in a "DanceHall" level event after reaching SCP-XXXX's storage site. Ledgers from the storage company "Hazbin Storage" show that SCP-XXXX was attained by the company in 1954 following cancellation of the 'Singin' in the Rain' sequel.

SCP-XXXX's is a memetic hazard with a approximate 1 kilometer radius of effect. SCP-XXXX individuals to periodically break out into song and dance. Song and dance routines that affected individuals perform are usually versions of songs and dances from popular musicals or performance groups. During all SCP-XXXX events except for a "Barbershop" level event, music and background tracks will begin to play in the area where a SCP-XXXX event is taking place, it is currently unknown as to the origin of the music. Songs sung by individuals taking part in a SCP-XXXX event will be lyrically revisioned to match the individuals current environment or situation. To date there are only three recorded SCP-XXXX events while under Foundation control and only one event recorded with both visuals and audio.

SCP-XXXX-DanceHall level Event

Subject: The entirety of the security staff in Site-19.
Song/Dance: It's a hard knock life-Annie
Results: At exactly 17:00 hours on ██/██/2017, the entirety of Site-19's security staff left assigned posts and positions and began to move towards Site-19 Atrium. Individuals involved in the event did not stop when questioned and were unresponsive to any outside stimuli. At approximately 17:15 hours the "DanceHall" event began with MTF Commander Dylans as the lead and Privates [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] as backup vocalists and the rest of the security staff as background vocalists. The song and dance routine was approximately two minutes and thirty seconds in total length and after completing the performance to the applause of the personnel in the Atrium, all individuals involved returned to their stations. Individuals involved say that nothing unusual happened during this period of time while watchers state that the performance was "very well done".

SCP-XXXX-Sing-Song Level Event

Subject: Six (6) female D-Class with murders relating to their previous relationships.
Song/Dance: Cell Block Tango-Broadway Musical "Chicago"
Results: At exactly 09:00 hours on ██/██/2018 during daily roll call, D-02442-D-02446 emerged from the line and began to perform while all other D-class present clapped and stomped the beat. Following the event, research into the background of the six main D-class showed that they had all killed their significant others in ways similar to describe in the original musical. The entire musical performance featured the use of D-class cells as a prop and lasted for about six minutes and thirty seconds. When staff present were asked why they did not stop the D-class, staff opinion was that "They were good, and I wanted to see how it ended".

SCP-XXXX-Barbershop Level Event

Subject: Agent O████, Researcher Graz, Junior Researcher Stanford, Agent Q██████
Song/Dance: A heavily parodied version of Main Street - Pop Songs Medley