SnakeBuster the Second

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Keter Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: As of now, SCP-xxxx cannot be contained. All site administrators globally are to notify each other about any movement of SCP-xxxx.

SCP-xxxx-01 is to be apprehended on sight, if possible.

Description: SCP-xxxx is an 8x8x8 meter concrete cell, the interior painted white, with a steel door located to one side. SCP-xxxx's primary anomalous ability manifests at the end of each month, in which SCP-xxxx will change it's location automatically via teleportation and adjoin to any Foundation site across the globe. How it chooses which site to attach to is seemingly relatively random, though it has been shown to have a 'preference' for sites containing Keter class SCP's.

SCP-xxxx's secondary anomalous abilities manifest when any type of object or matter enters through the door, which has been observed to expand or shrink to fit whatever enters. Upon anything entering, it is impossible for it to be retrieved until the code '█████' is typed into the keypad next to the door, upon which exiting will be possible. Testing has shown that SCP:-xxxx is capable of containing absolutely anything, including certain SCP's, notably SCP-106 and others. The walls are impenetrable at all times, along with the door unless opened with the following code. The cell also appears to "cancel out" all other anomalous effects. This makes SCP-xxxx a good choice for highly-rated Keter class SCP's. However, due to its primary anomalous ability, it is only to be used as an emergency containment cell.

Occasionally, A humanoid designated as SCP-xxxx-01 will appear inside SCP-xxxx. SCP-xxxx-01 appears to be a young Caucasian male in jeans, a white T-shirt, an orange vest, and a white construction helmet, presumed to be anywhere from 25-30 years old. SCP-xxxx-01 appears to be capable of opening and closing, along with locking and unlocking the door. Additionally, SCP-xxxx-01 appears to be sapient and capable of conversation, often speaking to personnel near SCP-xxxx-01 and engaging in friendly conversation with them. SCP-xxxx-01 appears to be informed about certain events that would occur on the news and such.

SCP-xxxx's most significant effect, however, is it's anomalous ability to remain unaffected in any possible way. This includes destruction, movement, and development of anomalous abilities when within the confines of SCP-xxxx. Because of this, SCP-xxxx can be used in emergency situations where an escaped SCP is near SCP-xxxx. additionally, this should only be used temporarily, as when SCP-xxxx teleport's to a different location at the end of its monthly period, all matter contained inside will remain where it is.

Discovery: SCP-xxxx was discovered after the monitering of an email conversation between Dr. ████ and Dr. ███, which is shown below._
Dr. ███: Hey ████ whats up

Dr. ████: IDK its kinda boring here at site ██

Dr. ███: Boring how

Dr. ████: Just not much happening here

Dr. ███: Oh

Dr. ████: But I saw a new containment chamber today

Dr. ███: Cool

Dr. ████: Nothing in it yet though

Dr. ███: Oh

Dr. ████: Well I've got to go

Subsequently following the discovery of SCP-xxxx on ██/██/20██, SCP-xxxx-01 was spotted wandering the hallway by Dr. ████████, who immediately called security. SCP-xxxx-01 noticed Dr. ████████, and then proceeded to speak with him. SCP-xxxx-01 began asking Dr. ████████ several questions, all of which were recorded by security cameras. The recording has been expunged by the order of O5-██.

Interview xxxx-01

Foreword: For interview purposes, SCP-xxxx-01 will be referred to as Subject.


Dr. ████████: Can I get you anything before we start? A glass of water, maybe?

Subject: I would like that, yes.

Dr. ████████ hands subject a plastic water bottle laced with a chemical designed to reduce aggression, as at the time it was unknown whether or not the subject was aggressive. n