SCP-XXXX “Jack the Ripper”




Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-XXXX, all CCTV within the city of London, especially CCTV present in back alleys, is to be monitored 24/7 by foundation staff signs of SCP-XXXX’s presence. Female D-class personnel are to be used as bait every 13 days to contain SCP-XXXX to prevent any possibility of public incident.


SCP-XXXX is a humanoid entity that refers to itself as “Jack”. The entity bears no facial features, however has been known to alter its appearance at will. It typically wears clothing reminiscent to that of the late 19th century, wearing a trench coat and top hat. SCP-XXXX is completely hostile towards human beings.

SCP-XXXX resides within the city of London, materialising in back alleys or poorly-lit areas. SCP-XXXX targets anyone in its vicinity who is alone, tending to prioritise female targets over males. Those who have been targeted by SCP-XXXX seemingly disappear upon physical contact with it. Experiments conducted by the foundation in which D-class personnel were used to be targeted revealed that upon contact with SCP-XXXX, they were seemingly transitioned into an alternate dimension, depicting a 19th Century London.
(See experiment XXXX-B)

This dimension, labelled SCP-XXXX-B, mimics that of 19th century London seamlessly, however bearing a mustard-coloured tone throughout. The air is filled with a smog, reducing the ability of sight to any persons caught in the dimension, however this seems only present to those trapped inside. Upon being taken to SCP-XXXX-B, subjects find themselves being stalked by SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX will taunt subjects, cackling maniacally. SCP-XXXX will continue to chase its target until it has managed to apprehend them, where it will proceed to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Male subjects recovered bear female genitalia and are typically mutilated beyond recognition. It is unknown how these subjects are affected in such a way, however it is believed that SCP-XXXX possesses the ability to alter the gender of its victims, likely due to its liking towards attacking females. SCP-XXXX is also believed to be an cross-dimensional being, as autopsies on victims have sometimes revealed the identities to be inconclusive; leading foundation officials to believe that SCP-XXXX-B also pulls humans in from parallel dimensions.

Upon killing a victim, all instances of SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-B seemingly disappear, transporting the body back to this dimension in accordance with to its location in SCP-XXXX-B. All activity from SCP-XXXX will cease for approximately 13 days. D-class personnel are to be used to surprised SCP-XXXX’s activities in accordance with Special Containment Procedures.

It is not completely known how SCP-XXXX kills it's victims, however it is believed to use some form of bladed weapon (or perhaps claws) as victims display deep cuts and scratches alongside [DATA EXPUNGED].


At 00:49 on ██/██/20██ the camera attached to a female D-Class subject ████ begins transmitting. Subject is ordered to proceed into a dark alleyway.

00:51 - SCP-XXXX materialises amongst the shadows and suddenly darts towards the subject. An audible scream is heard as the feed becomes white for roughly five seconds.

00:52 - camera feed transmits footage of SCP-XXXX-B, the area perfectly mimicking subject's previous location as if it was in the 19th century. Subject is ordered to begin walking around SCP-XXXX-B. Subject notes that the area is thick with smog, yet the camera does not detect this, and the area looks to be perfectly clear.

01:06: Subject finds a newspaper on the floor, dated November 9, 1888. The newspaper titled “London Daily Post” explains a gruesome murder by Jack the Ripper. The newspaper is covered in a strange fluid. The subject is ordered to place the newspaper in her bag. Subject continues walking.

01:13 - subject begins hearing voices. These are also not detected by the camera. Subject proceeds to walk through SCP-XXXX-B, noting that she feels as though she is constantly being followed.

01:23 - subject has notably spent the last ten minutes slowly becoming more and more paranoid. Subject begins to undergo an emotional break down and collapses to the floor, shattering the camera. The camera continues to transmit audio despite being incapable of transmitting visual information.

01:25 - screaming is audible as the subject is [DATA EXPUNGED].

01:30 - subject's body, camera and the newspaper are retrieved by foundation staff and brought back to Site ████ for autopsy.


Newspaper recovered during experiment XXXX-B

NOTE: Further experiments have yielded no new data on SCP-XXXX or SCP-XXXX-B.
All attempts at armed transitions into SCP-XXXX-B have been met with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further tests are scheduled to attempt the use of a quadcopter drone to explore SCP-XXXX-B.