Albanian Negligence
- Villages in Kosovo where living members or former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) lived during the Kosovo War
- Random amount of weapons and appropriate ammunition used by the KLA (older soviet-era weaponry smuggled over the border to Albania) appears in the residences of civilians living in affected villages
- Common places of appearence are in closets, storage sheds and attics, often covered with blankets
- Anomaly has memetic properties, as civilians questioned about the weaponry by KFOR always respond with a story about how: unknown, however identifiable, members of the KLA have entered the home during nighttime and placed said weaponry in their homes.
-Anomaly first documented in 1999 by agents embedded in the NATO led UN peacekeeping force designated KFOR (Kosovo Force). KFOR regularly searched homes of civilians to disarm the KLA and the general population cooperating with the KLA.