SCP-3526 “Aesthetic Record”

Item #: SCP-3526

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3526 is to be set on a non-anomalous turntable which is then to be set upon a thirty-five (35) by thirty-five (35) centimeter Greek marble pedestal with a single light source shining upon it at all times. The room which it is contained in must be no more than five (5) by five (5) meter space, with soundproofing on all walls and doors.

Inspections must be made after every test to the pedestal to ensure there are no chips or cracks, and that the bulb has sufficient energy and whether or not it needs to be replaced. The soundproofing should also be inspected after every test, to ensure there are no tears or rips in the padding.

If any of these were to fail or fall apart, SCP-3526 seems to become completely opaque, and disappear. If this were to happen, this anomaly would be considered Neutralized.

Description: SCP-3526 is a thirty (30) centimeter vinyl copy of an single titled Untitled無題 composed by ████ ██████. The record itself is made of standard wax and seems to be colored a light shade of mint green. The inner labeling on the disc states the single title and artist again. The artwork for this labeling can be easily found through a quick image search using any common search engine, but it is severely distorted and the color balance is set to make the image mint green. The sleeve for this wax resembles the same art, and the back of the sleeve is pure white.

The album consists of a single song, SCP-3526-1 through -9, ranging anywhere from four (4) minutes to one hundred and ninety (190) minutes long. All instances of this song have been noted below, each with their own category and occurrence. Each instance uses a similar modification of the sample used in SCP-3526-1, but the lyrics to the original song will change each time. The lyrics vary between talking about relationships and partaking in the use of common illegal substances and murdering people in a grotesque, detailed fashion. When any personnel had been exposed to any version of the song that wasn’t violent, they seemed to almost instantly recognize the song as what it was, and sang along. When the song was complete, they would forget the entire occurrence. When the song became violent however, the subject would seize all current function and collapse. After the song were to end, any subject that had collapsed would no longer remember any event after December 31st, 1995. Testing on said subjects has shown no recollection of the song, where they are, and in some cases subjects couldn’t recall their own name. Anyone within the five (5) by five (5) meter room will be affected, but anyone listening through a recording device wouldn’t be affected.

Addendum: Experiment Log of SCP-3526’s Song Versions

  • SCP-3526-1 is a song of approximately four (4) minutes in length, and the starting point for the other instances of this record. The song focuses on a failing relationship as the lead singer talks about breaking up with their significant other. This instance was discovered on 8/10/2018.
  • SCP-3526-2 is a slight remix of the previous instance, except this version is slowed to be twenty-two (22) minutes and fifty-seven (57) seconds long. This song’s lyrics are out of sync with the main drum beat and describe [DATA EXPUNGED]. This instance was discovered on 8/10/18
  • SCP-3526-3 through instance -8 are the same song, lasting approximately one hundred and ninety (190) minutes each. The effect of this song is normal, and seems to be the favorite of each instance. These instance were discovered across a span of 3 days, starting on 8/11/2018, and ending on 8/13/2018.
  • SCP-3526-9 is a slowed version of instance 1 lasting approximately ten (10) minutes and fifteen (15) seconds, in which the lead vocalist speaks about [DATA EXPUNGED], in which they precede to [DATA EXPUNGED]. When the song finishes, there is an extra minute of an audible version of [DATA EXPUNGED]. This instance was discovered on 8/27/2018.

Addendum: Experiment Logs of SCP-3526’s Transformative Properties

  • Subject D-042-1: D-Class personnel aged thirty (30) after one (1) listen of each normal instance had no present effects physically, however they could not recall anything after New Year’s Eve of the year 1995. Even after singing along and listening through all of the instances he has shown no recollection of the songs. Dr. █████ reviewed the subject approximately one hour after testing. Subject responded very worryingly and started to cry. He requested his mother multiple times to no avail, and was unaware of what was going on. Research shows his mental state had become that of a seven (7) year-old.
  • Subject D-042-2: D-Class personnel aged twenty-two (22) was given earmuffs strong enough they couldn’t hear researchers speaking to them. The effects of each song were the same, even if they couldn’t hear it. As long as they were contained in the cell with the record playing, the effect was the same. Subject became unresponsive and began to suffocate, a researcher quickly intercepted and helped the subject breathe, to which he began to bawl. Subject forgot all knowledge previously known, and preceded to cry and sleep repeatedly. Research shows that the record had wiped his memory clean.