Object #: SCP-XXXX

Object Classification: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At least 4-8 instances of SCP-XXXX are to be kept for study in a 5 meter (16.4 feet) deep cylindrical containment cell with a diameter of 10 meters (32.8 feet), the walls constructed of grade A36 carbon steel and weekly (or immediately, following any particularly violent events) checked for any cracks of similar defects upon which instances of SCP-XXXX could gain purchase and thereby initiate a containment breach. A 3 meter (9.8 feet) thick band of polyolefin lubricant is to be reapplied at least daily.

An observation deck is to maintained adjacent to the containment cell, embedded in the wall and enclosed by soundproof glass (STC 50 ██ or greater). All instances of SCP-XXXX must be under continuous observation. In the event of an attempted breach, personnel are to enable automatic kinetic and thermal suppression provided by sentry weapons embedded above and in the cell. Except in extreme cases, this suppression must not last any longer than 30 seconds for risk of permanently damaging some of the specimens.

Instances of SCP-XXXX do not produce any waste after feeding and therefore cleaning of the cell is unnecessary. However, annual maintenance should be performed regardless in order to maintain structural integrity of the cell. Normal sedatives are ineffective against SCP-XXXX (likely due to a lack of central nervous system in most cases), but high doses of muscle relaxant in game meat (note: ALL game meat MUST be stripped of ligaments prior to feeding, and study of "live feedings" is no longer permitted) has proven effective. Upon administration of the muscle relaxant, individual instances may be kept in reinforced steel kennels during cleaning, although keeping instances apart for longer than two hours can antagonize the specimens and increases probability of a breach. During cleaning, all involved personnel must wear rated STC 50 ██ or greater ear protection.

Feedings are unnecessary to the survival of individual specimens, as individual instances appear to have the same 3-5 year lifespan regardless of personal food intake, however, the pack must be fed weekly in order to avoid antagonization that could lead to a damaged containment cell.

Recordings of all known vocalizations of SCP-XXXX, hereby known as SCP-XXXX-1, must be kept for study. Exposure to SCP-XXXX-1, however, is grounds for immediate termination. SCP-XXXX-1 must only be observed via spectrogram or similar digital tool. Any extreme variance in the content of SCP-XXXX-1 should be reported.

SCP-XXXX was originally retrieved in [REDACTED], Lithuania by Mobile Task Force Eta-11 following civilian reports of mutilated corpses covered in occult symbols. An extremely large nest was discovered in the basement of a foreclosed public library that had evidently been used for occult activity. Twenty-four corpses were found, too mutilated for identification. DNA evidence confirmed that the SCP-XXXX specimens retrieved originated from the corpses found. Document-XXXX-1 was also retrieved on-site. Several specimens were retrieved, but the task force suffered [REDACTED] casualties due to an unexpectedly large quantity of specimens. Similar reports should be pursued with great care, as complete retrieval of SCP-XXXX has proven extremely difficult. However, no reports of SCP-XXXX behavior have been made outside of Lithuania.

Note: The larger the pack of SCP-XXXX, the more intelligent the group acts. As long as a small population is maintained at Site-██, any further specimens may be exterminated. At a sufficient population, complete extraction of SCP-XXXX is simply impractical, and following the events of [DATA REDACTED], it's clear that packs of SCP-XXXX cannot always amalgamate properly.

Description: Instances of SCP-XXXX are a variety of human hands severed and apparently cauterized at the wrist. Several sigils of unknown and presumably occult origin are carved into the skin (0.1-0.3 mm depth suggests purely cosmetic purpose see Experiment-XXXX-1). Specimens vary in size typical of normal human morphology. Specimens retain full mobility. Dissection has revealed that several nerve cells have swollen and rapidly regenerated into ganglia, suggesting some level of primitive consciousness akin to insects or cephalopods. Intelligence testing, although difficult, suggests an individual intelligence similar to that of an octopus.

On the palm of the specimen is located a 1-2 cm deep gash that reveals some musculature and ligamenture. This gash acts as the mouth of the specimen. Although no teeth or similar mechanism is found within this pseudomouth, a biting force in excess of ████ Newtons has been recorded, enough to pierce several forms of armor and crush bones.

From the beginning to the end of its life cycle, SCP-XXXX will continuously vocalize in a "language" (SCP-XXXX-1) with anomalous properties. Upon any exposure to SCP-XXXX-1 in excess of eight seconds, human subjects will report increasing discomfort over thirty to forty seconds, at which point their skin will begin to split apart. After several minutes of this, depending on skin surface area, the subject's body will be entirely covered in the same sigils that cover all instances of SCP-XXXX. The subject will then attempt by any means to remove their hands. Recorded attempts to remove hands include:

  1. Attempting to gnaw off the hand at the wrist (most common)
  2. Using any nearby weaponry (bladed, firearms, blunt, and incendiary recorded)
  3. If restrained, attempting to convince nearby personnel to remove their hands for them
  4. As a last resort when restrained, using tension on shoulder to rip off hand directly

After the subject's hand is removed, it becomes an instance of SCP-XXXX. If a subject is rendered unconscious at the beginning of this process, the hand will attempt to remove itself of its own accord, even biting its own wrist off.

Spectrograms of SCP-XXXX-1 have revealed a frequency range common in human speech, and during exposure some subjects have described it as Slavic (see Experiment-XXXX-2). A specific "infectious phrase" has been determined that initiates the process described above. Instances of SCP-XXXX also use SCP-XXXX-1 to communicate, however. A phrase (represented as a constant pattern on the spectrogram) has been observed to be continuously repeated, even in times of lower activity. Attempted to manually stop speech results in immediate death of the specimen (see Experiment-XXXX-1).


Purpose: To determine purpose or meaning of carved sigils on SCP-XXXX specimens.

Procedure: A specimen is captured and immobilized with muscle relaxants and steel stakes attaching the specimen to an operation plate. Sigils are first photographed, then cauterized by use of an acetylene torch.

Results: Subject becomes extremely agitated upon ignition of the torch, vocalizations rising in volume. Upon initiation of the procedure, it is initially very energetic, gradually calming as more sigils are burnt off. After the last sigil is cauterized, specimen dies suddenly.

Further Analysis: Review of spectrogram reveals greatly decreasing pattern diversity in vocalization as procedure progressed. Whether the sigils have some link to SCP-XXXX-1 is still unclear, however, as the trauma that resulted from the procedure may have caused this trend. Cross-examination of the sigils reveals several similarities to ancient Slavic occult symbols involved in a "rebirth" cycle.


Purpose: To determine link between SCP-XXXX-1 and anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX.

Procedure: Capture and immobilize a specimen by the same procedure. Using a microphone and decibel meter, locate source of the sound and attempt to cease vocalization. If a source is not found, attempt to suture pseudomouth using Kevlar fibers.

Results: No clear source of vocalization found. A pair of vestigial ligaments accidentally severed by probe, but no apparent effect is observed. Following eight minutes of search, pseudomouth is sutured, to the great agitation of the specimen. After thirty-eight seconds, specimen expires.


Purpose: To determine mechanisms behind anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX-1

Procedure: D-5047 will be exposed to SCP-XXXX-1 for 20 seconds, during which she will be prompted to describe the language. After the full sigiling process, D-5047's hands will be medically amputated and then she will be treated to determine possibility of survival.

Results: See Audio-Log-XXXX-1. D-5047 survived the procedure and her hands were immediately put into containment along with the other instances of SCP-XXXX. She lived for four weeks (during which further experimentation revealed that she could listen to SCP-XXXX-1 without suffering any further adverse effects) before reporting that she "couldn't stop reading the sigils" on her body. She then attempted to expose several staff to SCP-XXXX-1 (although it's unknown where she learned the phonetic content of the language), but was terminated before the full eight seconds required to express the anomalous effects.


Date: 05/07/████

Dr. ██████: D-5047, you will be exposed to a short audio clip. While you listen, please describe exactly what you're hearing in the fullest detail.

D-5047: Okay. [The test begins.] It's just some guy talking in… Russian? It sounds Russian.

Dr. ██████: Can you describe what he sounds like?

[There is a brief pause.]

Dr. ██████: D-5047? [She is visibly distressed, but the sigiling process has not begun yet.]

D-5047: S-sorry Doctor, I just feel a little-… He has kind of a gurgled voice, it sounds old. And- [She doubles over and heaves.] I… Oh shit, everything is so itchy, oh, Christ- [Her skin begins to split, and she begins to scream. Dr. ██████ authorizes retrieval. She stops screaming after medical personnel enter the room, and remains complacent as they administer anesthetic.]



Original excerpts translated from Lithuanian. Several sections written exclusively in an untranslated language resembling the sigils on SCP-XXXX instances. Handwriting is almost illegible at several points.
…We are frail of body, not of mind. The hundred arms of [UNTRANSLATED] reach across the veil and pinch our minds together. We will meet it at that barrier and lose our fear…

…This world is long dead, but we will live on under [UNTRANSLATED], many and one. Our souls will mingle with the abstract and become not of this plane. As long as there are Speakers, there is Many, there is One, there is [UNTRANSLATED]…

Incident-XXXX-1 07/11/████: During routine cleaning, one staff member reported a bite on the ankle from an unsedated instance. Despite reporting severe pain immediately following the bite, after cleaning was completed, he reported no pain and protested further observation, eventually becoming forceful in his protests and reporting delusions, upon which he was sedated. Observation of the bite revealed that a small sigil had been inscribed on his ankle. He was placed in immediate quarantine and designated SCP-XXXX-2, then given paper and a pen to communicate, in order to avoid any possible exposure to SCP-XXXX-1. Sigils began to appear on SCP-XXXX-2, fading slowly instead of violently splitting the skin. An interview was conducted quickly before the effects of SCP-XXXX-1 rendered writing impossible.

Begin Interview Log

Dr. ██████: Are you in any pain?

SCP-XXXX-2: We feel just fine.

**Dr. ██████:We? Who is "We"?

SCP-XXXX-2: [Draws an untranslated sigil. Sigil identical to the most common sigil discovered in Document-XXXX-1.]

Dr. ██████: Is that your name?

SCP-XXXX-2: Do you want do be immortal, Doctor?

Dr. ██████: You think you're immortal?

SCP-XXXX-2: A language never dies as long as there are speakers.

[SCP-XXXX-2 smiles at Dr. ██████, then begins punching the glass and screaming. Spectrogram analysis confirms SCP-XXXX-1. As glass begins to crack, Dr. ██████ authorizes termination of subject.]