Soaren Ryiker

Author's Note : As my first SCP I went with something low profile and easy to construct with my intimate knowledge of automotive engineering. For as good at writing as I perceive myself to be, I am horrible at catching grammatical errors. Blank sections are to be redacted elements of the report/article. I have three images to go along with this article but I'm woefully ignorant when it comes to placement of images, both within the article and the coding itself.

Item # : SCP-3645

Object Class : Safe

Special Containment Procedures : SCP-3645 has been disassembled and stored within standard latched and labeled crates. As SCP-3645 holds no special or outward effects on it's own, it is located at the low security Site - __

Addendum 3645-12 : The shelving unit housing the components of SCP-3645 collapsed during a routine inventory management checks killing one junior researcher __ . The following update in storage must be adhered to : SCP-3645 is to be kept on the floor at all times.
Request by Dr. __ to upgrade Object Class to Euclid : Denied.

Description : SCP-3645 is an engine that has indirectly been the only connecting factor between an estimated fatality count of __ individuals before being discovered. SCP-3645 was acquired from a small repair shop where it had been removed from its most recent vehicle. According to witnesses after the incident it continued to run for twenty minutes without fuel, coolant, or lubricant, reaching temperatures of 250 degrees Celsius.

SCP-3645 had been disassembled by the shop in preparation for another vehicle, however despite the extreme temperatures the motor’s internals had achieved without lubrication or circulation of coolant, it remained in pristine condition. Several tests where carried out to follow up on the claimed resilience of the motor. (See attatched files SCP-3645-06 though SCP-3645-10.) When compared to a motor of the same product line from the factory, all components seem to have the same physicality and visual appearance.

All instances of SCP-3645 having been used in a vehicle have resulted in the death of either the vehicle's driver or bystanders near the site at which the vehicle has crashed.

SCP-3645-06 : Notes on stress test preformed by Senior Researcher _ ;

The components of this motor are resistant to extreme heat, as the mechanics have stated, temperatures of 500 degrees kelvin where reached in the testing of multiple components. The metals and plastics appear to be normal at room temperatures however when super heated, they show no sign of even being warm. However, the components of SCP-3645 do retain heat, acting as much like an insulator as any other metal.

SCP-3645-09 : Notes on extreme heat test preformed by Senior Researcher __;

During this test just the block of the motor was placed in a cast iron pan, liquid thermite was poured in. No change was detected in metal, during the short test, due to the test being interrupted by the table one which the test was being preformed over turned, video recordings indicated a failure point in one of the table’s legs that resulted in this incident. Senior Researcher _ was left with third degree burns across both legs and admitted to medical for skin graphs.

SCP-3645-10: Notes on in vehicle test at test track . Driver - D-9382.

The motor was reconstructed and placed in a car built to specification. D-9382 was given a crash helmet and single layer nomex driver's suit and asked to circle the track at whatever speed they wished until the gas in the tank was depleted. Live video and data monitoring had been installed to eliminate driver error.

After 60 minuets of consistent drive time the vehicle veered off course and impacted a wall, at which time the vehicle flipped several times and burst to flames. D-9382 was killed in the crash due to several broken vertebra and a severed spinal cord.

The on-board computers continued to capture run-time data of SCP-3645. After a loss of fuel pressure, oil pressure, and coolant pressure, exhaust gas temperatures exceeded 1000 degrees Celsius, and internal engine temperatures exceeded 300 degrees Celsius. These temperatures persisted for the five minuets before the engine stopped running all together and the fire crews arrived. It is not known where the fuel for the internal combustion comes from to keep the motor running at this time.

Upon post test inspection of the vehicle, a suspension component was found to be the culprit of the crash, though it was documented to having been replaced before the test. Despite the fire SCP-3645 remains in the same condition as before the test took place.

Following this test SCP-3645 was placed back into containment.

Interview SCP-3645-01 : Video Log has been transcribed within this document. Actual footage may be found in the database within related files. Date recorded : ___

Interviewie : R. Garvey (Mechanic from shop where SCP-3645 was found)

Interviewer : Agent _ I.D. .

Agent : Please state your full name for the record.

Garvey : Richard Garvey.

Agent : Can you tell me when you first came in contact with the item in question?

Garvey : The motor? Yeah, the shop bought the wreck of the car from the late driver’s family. Mostly for parts and the like.

Agent : Parts? Can you elaborate?

Garvey : Uh, yeah, parting a vehicle is basically scavenging it for all parts that would be worth any money. Those parts are then sold.

Agent : Understood. In your professional opinion, what was the condition of the motor?

Garvey : For the rumors of what happened it was in excellent condition.

Agent : Rumors?

Garvey : From what I heard, it ran for some time after the power and fuel had been cut from it. I also found that there hadn’t been any coolant or oil in it, at least not in the amount that should have been in a motor.

Agent : And can you give a detailed description of the motor’s internal condition?

Garvey : Yeah, for a motor that didn’t have any coolant or lubrication in it, and for the amount of time it was said to have been running for, it was in pristine condition.

Agent : Forgive me, I’m no expert in the field of cars. Can you be a little more specific?

Garvey : The motor looked brand new. I would have been expecting discoloration on the crank, deep grooves in the cams, damaged gaskets and the like. Usually a motor that undergoes such stress doesn’t ever run again. All the internals warp and in most cases connecting rods will break and come through the side of the block. Absolutely nothing was out of place. It looked like it had rolled right off the assembly line.

Agent : I believe I understand a little better now. Can you tell me about the circumstances that led to the death of ___ .

Garvey : Who?

Agent : The driver of the car where the motor came from.

Garvey : Oh, yeah. < brief pause, Garvey shifts in his seat > So from my understanding, something broke within the car and ___ lost control. From what I saw of the pictures the car slid into the guard rail, cutting into the driver’s cockpit. I’ve seen the car, and he must have really been moving, it cut through the roll cage like a can opener.

Agent : < Shuffles a few papers and makes notes > Is there anything else you feel was out of place about the incident? Or about the motor?

Garvey : Not in particular, no.

Agent : Very good, thank you. You may go.

Garvey : < stands from the table and exits the room >

Agent : < Speaks once the door had closed again > Recommending class A amnesics to the operators and staff of the shop. This interview is concluded.