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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3XXX is contained within Site ██, which is composed of ████████ Beach, a small radar station, and a cabin to accommodate foundation personnel. Site ██ is located on the Caribbean Island of ██████████. Site ██ is to be fenced off and its perimeter is to be guarded by no less than 5 Foundation Agents disguised as Environmental Scientists. All Personnel assigned to Site ██ must be fluent in German.

Civilians are to be kept out with the guise of environmental protection. Civilian Boats are forbidden from coming within 1 Kilometer of Site ██, and buoys indicating shallow rocks are to be placed around the Site ██'s naval perimeter. Any Civilian boats detected within 1 Km of Site ██ will be intercepted and and turned away. Any trespassers who witness SCP-3XXX or SCP-3XXX-1 are to be administered Class A Amnestics. Any Satellite images of Site ██ are to be suppressed. Flights paths flying over Site ██ will be instructed by Foundation Agents embedded in Flight Control Agencies to divert away from Site ██ airspace.

The interior of SCP-3XXX is to be monitored with hidden security cameras. SCP-3XXX-1s are to be given food supplies or books should they request any. However books cannot be written after 1916, and should be written in German, unless requested otherwise. Any interviews conducted with SCP-3XXX-1 must be approved before hand by a level 4 staff. In the unlikely event that SCP-3XXX-1s attempt to repair SCP-3XXX to be sea-worthy vessel, this will be stopped by personal staff, any progress SCP-3XXX-1 made will be reversed, and tighter containment measures shall be considered.

SCP-3XXX is a World War One era German Type ████ Submarine. Carbon Dating suggests that SCP-3XXX is only [DATA EXPUNGED] years old, which puts SCP-3XXX's date of manufacture several decades after the end of World War One. SCP-3XXX is currently beached in the sand at Site ██. SCP-3XXX is inhabited by ██ instances of SCP-3XXX-1, who are all European males in their 20s, with the exception of SCP-3XXX-1A, who is in his early 30s, and appears to be the captain of SCP-3XXX. Despite being contained for ██ years, instances of SCP-3XXX-1s have only appeared to have aged only a fraction of that time.

Instances of SCP-3XXX-1s appear to only understand German, with the exception of SCP-3XXX-1A, who has been shown to be able to communicate in basic English. However SCP-3XXX-1s have shown signs varying from suspicion to open hostility when they hear English being spoken by anyone (except SCP-3XXX-1A). However they have been cooperative when spoken to in German. All instances of SCP-3XXX-1 appear to be in a depressed state, with symptoms matching PTSD and suffering a traumatic events.