The True Mountaneers
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The northern side of Mount Matterhorn, where the Subjects were first encountered

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 3XXX-01 through to SCP 3XXX-015 (Subjects), due to their physiological properties, are to be kept at least 4000 meters above sea level or in an inveroment with similar barometric pressure, oxygen concentration and temperature. Subjects are currently quartered at Site ██ located within Mount Matterhorn, Alps. Subject are free to roam an allocated living space and to interact with each other. Interaction with Foundation personell outside an official experiment or monthly bartering is, however, unadviced. Subjects are to be regulary provided with protein-rich, solid food items, alcoholic beverage and a supply of blocks made out of any solid mineral, such as granite, limestone or gabbro in exchange for their craftmanship.

Aforementioned living space should include the following: 13 separate private rooms, containing a metal or stone bed and a personal storage unit; a room large enough to provide working space for at least five (5) individuals; at least five sets of stonecutting tools; a meeting area, containing SCP 3XXX-015 within it; a transfer area for exchange and communication purposes.

Subjects are to be surveyed through security cameras at all times. An emergency responce team must be assigned to the living space, authorised to use standart apprehension protocols in case any of the Subjects attempts an escape. Lethal force application is not adviced but permissible under life-threatening circumstances.

Description: SCPs 3XXX-01-014 is a group of humanoid individuals standing 1,2 meters high in average and posessing unique physiological qualities. SCP 3XXX-01-15 was lost during a transfer to an initial containment location.

██/██/199█ SCPs 3XXX-01-15 were discovered by a group of alpinists on the northern side of Mount Matterhorn in a burial chamber exposed by a recent avalanche. According to their descripption, the entrance seemed to be sealed off with a colossal stone door some time in the past, but at the time of discovery was moved just enough for a single person to squeeze through. A corridor too low for an average human to stend upright was carved out of the stone, going straight into the mountain for about 50 meters before opening into a big, gloomy room. Round in shape and too high for a common flashlight to reach its sealing, the room was completely covered with carvings, some picturing various battle and industrious scene, other appearing to be an ancient text. For full report on the carvings see Appendage(?) SCP-3XXX-A01.

Subjects' anthropometrics seem to resemble that of an average human, but shorter and sturdier in constitution. Subjects display incredible muscle mass and stamina, but have much slower metabolism and reflexes.

Subjects' circulatory and hematopoietic systems appear to be the most significant difference between their and human biology. Instead of haemoglobin molecules Subjects' erythrocytes contain a cimilar compound based on copper instead of iron. This causes Subjects' blood to appear blue in color. Increased concentration of blood cells, as well as a robust heart and a more complex kidney structure result in a higher blood pressure, estimated to be 180-200 mm Hg in normal conditions.

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