Solaris Night
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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX and its host(s) are kept inside a locked room, which has been reinforced with steel plating. The access to the chamber is only allowed through an airlock, which is to be guarded by at least two Level 3 guards. Once a day the room is to be checked, through security cameras, to see if it has to be repaired and hosts vital signs are to be confirmed once every six hours.

Access to the room is granted only when it is in need of repair and/or a new host for SCP-XXXX needs to be brought in. If maintenance is to be performed, the host, along with SCP-XXXX, are to be placed inside a bulletproof transportation box and transferred to pre-prepared containment chamber, until the time that the task is complete.

All personnel entering the room are obligated to wear body armor and helmet, capable of stopping a standard .45 caliber handgun. Any interaction with the host or SCP-XXXX directly is prohibited and is punishable with demotion, if the offender manages to survive the encounter.

Before exiting the chambers, all personnel who were present inside the room, have to be sprayed by a harmless mixture of a nicotine/tobacco based spray insecticide. Should any samples still be attached to the clothing or skin, the researchers are to collect them for future study.

In order for the colony to survive, they require a live host to feed and breed upon, as such one is to be provided by Foundation staff. The host can be any type of mammal, however dogs and cats are preferable. The host is to be kept sedated at all times and fed through an IV tube. This is done so that the subject doesn't accidentally trigger an anomalous activity, as well as to lessen its suffering from the resulting blood loss, endoparasites, illnesses and infections.

In the event of the hosts expiration, another subject is to be prepared and transported inside the containment chamber, within 2-3 days. In order for the organisms to successfully relocate, the new host is to be kept inside with the previous one, for at least 48 hours. After the given period, the remains are to be recovered and subsequently incinerated.

In case of a containment breach, the site containing SCP-XXXX is to be locked down and sprayed with the aforementioned insecticide. Afterwards a thorough inspection is to be enacted, any live instances of SCP-XXXX incinerated and any personnel found to host live SCP-XXXX are to be subjected to another dose of insecticide.

Description: SCP-XXX is a colony of organisms that resemble the common dog flea.1These organisms generate anomalous events under two specified conditions.

SCP-XXXX instances are able to reach velocities of over 343m/s through use of their hind legs. This results in a sonic boom, creating a sound similar to a firearm being used. Although exact measurements of their speed is currently unobtainable, the researchers have calculated approximate minimum to be at about 1,2 Machs (411,6 m/s).

The second anomalous ability the SCP-XXXX possess, is a thin, yet highly durable exoskeleton. Upon obtaining a suitable sample, it was placed onto a hydraulic press and it managed to withstand the forces the machine generated, displaying no signs of fracture or fatigue. Despite its high resistance to pressure and blunt force trauma, the samples and specimens are still susceptible to other means of destruction, such as incineration, electric shock, cutting or piercing, if necessary force is applied.

Further analysis revealed that despite its endurance, the exoskeleton is organic and every attempt to replicate the substance has ended in failure.

SCP-XXXX instances are generally docile, only vaulting when agitated or when perceiving threat. Single instances are not capable of inflicting significant physical damage. Larger numbers however, become more hazardous as the number of hostile instances grows, even capable of disintegrating an adult human (see Containment Log).

Containment Log: On █/█/19██ the New York Police Department received several calls about a local gang shooting in one of the neighbourhoods. The authorities responded immediately and arrived on the scene within minutes. Upon arrival they discovered █ bodies, all of which belonged to teenagers. The victims were covered in blood and showed signs of being shot by small caliber weapon.

After a quick inspection, the police closed the scene off to prevent any contamination. Officer ██████ ████ was tasked with removing a stray dog, the host at the time, found at the crime scene. When ████ grabbed the dog he spurred the colony, which resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED].

The resulting anomalous activity frightened other officers, as they could only hear SCP-XXXX, but not see them, which made them call for back-up against an invisible assailant. One of the Foundation agents, stationed at NYPD, intercepted the call and immediately contacted the Foundation.

MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") responded and arrived on the scene. They administered Class A amnestics to the remaining forces, before they dismissed them.

At the time MTF believed the dog to be the source of the anomalous activity and proceeded to successfully capture it. Soon after capture, the dog began to thrash inside the cage which resulted in another SCP-XXXX activity. Agent J███████ terminated the host, after █ agents were killed, in hopes that it would defuse the situation. It took 15 minutes for the activity to stop and once it did, agent B████ closely examined the body, discovering the real culprit behind the anomalous activity.

MTF proceeded to transport the body to one of the Foundation facilities and isolated the crime scene, under pretense of a gas leak, until they destroyed all traces of SCP-XXXX.