Solaris Night
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX and its host are kept inside a room which has been reinforced with steel plating. The only access to the room is through an airlock, which is guarded by two Level 3 guards. The room is to be monitored by at least two Level 3 reasearchers at all times, to see when the host expires.

The only time access to the specimen is permitted is when there is a scheduled room maintenance and/or replacement of SCPs host upon expiration. In case of the room needing repair, the host and SCP-XXXX are to be placed inside a bulletproof box and transfered to preprepared containment chamber.

Personell who enter the room are required to wear standard bulletproof armor and are forbidden from interacting with the host, for chance of agitating SCP-XXXX or possible cross contamination. Upon exiting the room, while still inside the airlock, the personell are required to be sprayed by tobacco or nicotine spray insecticide and the researchers are to collect any possible samples of SCP-XXXX for study.

In case of a containment breach all personell are to evacuate the premises and are to be inspected for any infestation of SCP-XXXX. If any are found, the infested individual as well as the entire site is to be sprayed by the insecticide.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a colony of fleas that resemble the dog flea.1 The object is only anomalous in two ways:

  1. It is capable of breaching the speed of sound by using its powerful legs. Due to this reason, when the organisms begin jumping, they produce a sound akin to a small firearm. Measurements of the exact speed is currently impossible as the specimens are too small and dangerous to be measured in normal circumstances.
  2. Its body is covered in a thin exoskeleton, which is capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of force. Upon futher reasearch, a sample of a deceased SCP-XXXX, was put under a hydraulic press. Even after subjecting it to the full power of the machine, the specimen was left intact. Analysis of the exoskeleton has shown that it is organic in nature. All attempts at duplicating it have ended in failure. While it is highly resistant to pressure and blunt force trauma, fire, electricity, sharp objects, needles are still capable of damaging SCP-XXXX.

Normally SCP-XXXX is docile and poses no threat, however should it feel threatened or agitated, it will begin to jump. Due to its size the damage of single case of SCP-XXXX is miniscule, if multiple specimens begin to jump, the combined forces become far more hazardous.

SCP-XXXX requires a live host to feed and breed, as such the staff is to provide it with any type of mammal specimen (dogs or cars are prefered). The host is to be sedated at all times, as to prevent it from accidentally triggering specimens anomalous ability and to allievate the host from suffering from blood loss, possible infestation of diseases or parasites the SCP carries. To keep it living for as long as possible, the host is to be fed nourishment through an IV tube.

Upon expiration of the host, another one is to prepped and delivered inside the containment within 2-3 days. It is then to be left there for at least 48 hours and only after then are the remains of the previous host to be retreived and incenirated.