Solaris Night 2
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Subject Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is kept inside a standard locker, for anomalous objects. Access to SCP-XXXX is permitted to only Level 2 or higher clearance. For experimentation, permission from at least two Level 2 researchers is required and needs to be performed with at least three security guards present, to prevent any misuse. No D-Class subject involved in the experiments are to made aware of SCP-XXXXs anomalous abilities.

After Incident XXXX-4 all access to the object is strictly forbbiden and any attempts to unseal it will be met with severe force, lethal if necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a homemade coin dating back to 1930s, with a cats head engraved on one side and its rear on the other. Besides that it holds no other discernable marks. Its mass and size is comparable to two euro coin. Mass spectrometry revealed its composition to be entirely out of silver, with traces of an unknown element mixed in between. Despite its age, the coin shows no sign of wear ot corrosion.

SCP-XXXX anomalous properties are only activated when a user states an intent or a desire on either heads or the tails and flips it. Depending on the outcome of the filp the stated intent or desire will come to fruition, as long as the side is the one that has been chosen. On chance that it's the opposite side, the desire or intent will have a different or an opposite effect, hereafter refered to negative outcome.

The negative outcome will always manifest itself as equivalent, but opposite to the positive outcome. For example, if your desire was for a brand new car and you'd get the negative outcome, the effect could manifest itself as your current car being destroyed or receiving an old car in exchange for your current one.

If a subject states a desire or intent on both the positive and negative outcome, and are not equivalent and opposite, the effect will still manifest, but will only take into account the latter stated desire. This is only exempt when the stated desires are based on a choice of the subject, such as choosing which restaurant to go to, in which case the subject will always choose the outcome of the flip, no matter whatever persuasion or arguement is made.

History: A throroug investigation led the Foundation researchers to a man named Franz Meier from █████████████, Germany, who, in a decade before the war, was obssesed with the works of the famous scientists, especially Schrödinger. From his personal notes, it was discovered that he delved in alchemy and supernatural, while also being part of the occult.

With help from a blacksmith he created SCP-XXXX and somehow implemented its anomalous abilities into it.

Addendum: Incident XXXX-4: On █/█/████ a D-Class test subject, who somehow gained knowledge of SCP-XXXX abilites, made a wish for everyone to be released from the Foundation. The subject was immediatelly terminated and the object covered by a sheet, to prevent it's properties from manifesting.