Solice Goyle
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Sketch of SCP-4817. Drawn by SCP-073, who is the only entity (still alive) that has seen the beast face to face.


Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4817 is to be kept in a large chamber 70 meters in width, 130 meters in length, and a ceiling 30 meters high. Walls are to be made of 15 centimeters thick titanium. Four Security Officers must monitor the subjects cell at all times. Shifts will be changed every six hours. The subjects cell must be at a temperature of 43 degrees Celsius at all times. Microphones have been placed in it's cell and must be monitored at all times.

Description: SCP-4817 is a unique canid biped with pitch black skin. It appears to be the Egyptian God of Death and Embalming, Anubis. Weighing 83.6 kilograms and a height of 2.19 meters tall. The subject is missing it's left eye and a gaping black hole is all that remains. SCP-4817's right eye is a luminescent blue. Its ears are cut and torn, and its face appears to be rotted with skin missing in some places. It wears a nemes crown with a snake at the forehead, also bearing a false beard Its incisors are razor sharp. It has been able to form two black and gold swords from out of nowhere. The subjects fingers have sharp claws that are approximately 3 centimeters long. These claws have so far proven to be able to pierce through any material. It is extremely intelligent, being able to speak and understand every language. Its voice is deep and raspy, and sounds as if it is struggling to breathe. Any device that can record video within a kilometer of the entity will begin to freeze, melt and fry all circuits. The temperature within 2.5 meters of the entity, has been measured to be -13 degrees Celsius. It has launched spikes of ice from its hands. These projectiles do not seem to stop moving until making physical contact with an object. The temperature of these spikes was studied, they seem to be Absolute Zero, the coldest temperature ever measured. When a human makes physical contact with these objects, they are instantly frozen from the inside, resulting in immediate death. However, SCP-4817 does not seem to be effected at all by extremely high temperatures. SCP-4817's physical strength is unlike anything imaginable. The subject has used its incredible leg strength to launch itself hundreds of meters forward in just a few seconds.

SCP-4817 was discovered on 4/26/2018. The foundation had been investigating reported anomalous occurrences in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Giovanni LeVance found a stumbled upon a "trap door". Before falling, he managed to catch himself. A four man research team and a six man squad was sent down the hole, along with Giovanni himself. Which was approximately 50 meters high. When reaching the bottom they found themselves in a small room measuring 10 meters in length and width. At the opposite end of the room was a singularity. When stepping through the portal, the team found themselves at the entrance of a large city made completely of gold. The only thing that seemed not to be made of gold was a massive pitch black pyramid near the middle of the city. It is believed that the portal is a direct entrance to SCP-4077. There seemed to be an entire civilization living in this city. The group decided it would be better to go back and report their findings. Upon reentering our own world, and returning to the entrance of the Pyramid of Giza's entrance, a large entity was slaughtering countless tourists. It took MTF Nu-7, MTF Epsilon-11, and MTF Epsilon-9 two days of attacking the entity until it surrendered, the subject did not seem to receive any damage. The entire team was killed but only LeVance's body was not found. Dubbed SCP-4817, the entity was then transported to Site 17 for containment. It was to be interrogated by Dr. Tobias Hale. He was sent into the cell with 6 armed guards.


On 12/14/2018, SCP-4817 broke containment. Its cell door was clawed and pried open. SCP-4817 managed to kill 134 people during its breakout. SCP-4817 seems to have killed everyone that had seen its face. All mobile task force members that have made contacts with SCP-4817 will be given amnestics and cosmetic surgery. Before escaping, subject came into contact with SCP-073 neither made an attempt attack each other. SCP-073 reports that SCP-4817 said "You're that freak with photographic memory. Draw me, that's the only way they have a chance at stopping me. See ya fuckface. By the way you got a little something on your forehead." SCP-073 later sketched an image of SCP-4817. Giovanni LeVance's body was found near the entrance. His trachea was torn out of his neck. Journals were found on his person.

Additional Notes: Anyone who has entered SCP-4817's cell after its break out has committed suicide. The cell is to be permanently sealed.

Addendum 4817-1 Recently unexplained markings have appeared in random locations. The marking is an illustration of SCP-4817 and the words "YOU ARE NOT ALONE". It is believed that these markers lead people to commit suicide. Anyone who sees these markings in person will commit suicide. However, it appears that people who view photographs of these markings are not effected. Any attempt at covering the marking in any way will result in immediate death. It seems as if the These markings appear to form by themselves.


Photograph of the first marking found. Taken by Agent ██████. Three minutes later, he was confirmed dead after reportedly jumping in front of an 18 wheeler going 60 km/h. After seeing the mark himself, the truck driver poured gasoline on his body and lit himself on fire.

Addendum 4817-2 Two days after the escape of SCP-4817, SCP-682 was broken out of containment by SCP-4817. Both have not been seen since

Addendum 4817-3 Two other SCP's have mysteriously disappeared from containment. Both SCP-034 and SCP-4339 are believed to be the items that SCP-4817 was referring to in Dr. Hale's interview.

Update: After only two months since the markings first appeared, drone surveillance of different markings reveals that over five million people have lost their lives due to these markings. All known markings have been blocked off.