SCP-xxxx "Created by Hideo Kojima"


Object class Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
All instances of SCP-xxxx are to be kept in locked boxes in standard containment; Anyone who wishes to experiment with SCP-xxxx must have level 3 clearance or higher. And testing is to be carried out on D-class only. Interacting with instances of SCP-xxxx-A and SCP-xxxx-B is allowed with level 3 clearance or higher. Physical interaction with instances of SCP-xxxx-A and SCP-xxxx-B can only be carried out with D-class Personnel. If any instances of SCP-xxxx,-A or-B are discovered by foundation personnel, the foundation is to be contacted and MTF unit Eta-10 ("See No Evil") is to be deployed and contain any instances of SCP-xxxx,-A or-B. Foundation webcrawlers are to have access to the location and whereabouts of the individual Hideo Kojima at all times should an instance of SCP-xxxx-A is to be potentially spotted.

SCP-xxxx is a memetic anomaly affecting approximately 0.02% of any and all copies of video games that had any assistance or direction from the individual Hideo Kojima. Upon the boot up of any title of SCP-xxxx, any character shown in the game will be replaced with either a pixelated or three-dimensional avatar of Hideo Kojima. All text, textures, and locations in the game will appear white with black text repeating over and over-"Created By Hideo Kojima.", Black wireframes on polygonal textures and shadows indicate depth and still allow the game to be played; While black borders show where boundaries are on two dimensional titles. Any individual who plays an instance of SCP-xxxx for longer than thirty (30) minutes, is immediately designated as an instance of SCP-xxxx-A. Three (3) hours after exposure to SCP-xxxx, the victim who played the title will undergo immediate spontaneous genetic displacement. Over a course of the next Eighteen (18) hours, the victim will report extreme physical pain as their bone and musculature structure will rapidly change shape and mass. Early onset Alzheimer's is also set in around this time as the victim cannot recall who they are or what their name is. After the process is complete, the victim will genetically, physically and mentally become an exact duplicate of Hideo Kojima. Instances of SCP-xxxx-A seem to have rudimentary sapience, but have no knowledge as to how they came to be, or who exactly they are as they seem to have no knowledge of their family history, employment, personal interests, etc. Instances of SCP-xxxx-A are primarily interested in two things; the creation of more SCP-xxxx-A, through exposure to SCP-xxxx, or the creation of SCP-xxxx-B. SCP-xxxx-B is created when instances of SCP-xxxx-A enter a predatory state roughly between 10:00 PM and 6:00AM. Around this time SCP-xxxx-A instances will quietly break into homes, apartments, or other resident households. SCP-xxxx-A will either stalk or wait for a victim to enter a state of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. While the victim is unconscious the SCP-xxxx-A instance will find a permanent marker or another writing utensil, and scrawl in bold lettering all over the victims body, "CREATED BY HIDEO KOJIMA". After about an hour of this process, the victim will enter a comatose state where they will undergo similar genetic displacement process as seen with SCP-xxxx-A, however the process is entirely random, and hard to predict. After a similar eighteen (18) hour process the victim will become psychically identical to a character, object, vehicle or in rare instances a location from a Hideo Kojima title.