Item #:SCP-██5█
Object class:Safe
Special containment Procedures:
Harvested instances of SCP-██5█ are to be held in a Standard cryogenic containment unit on site-██ and to be monitored at all times by staff members. only twenty four (24) instances of SCP-██5█ must be available by cultivating at all time and must be cared of by professional foundation cultivators.

Additional instances of SCP-██5█ could be incinerated or used for testing on D-class personnel (by archiving the results) with a permission from head researcher Dr. tam (also known as SCP-████ in the foundation's archives) how is the apparent creator of SCP-██5█ and has the most knowledge about the anomaly. (for more information about SCP-████, see file number [DATA EXPUNGED])

-Note: D-class personnel are provided for cultivation or testing purposes only. any consumption of SCP-██5█ instances by non-D-class personnel is strictly forbidden due to the dangerous effects of the anomaly.

SCP-██5█ appears to be an unknown specimen from the Cucumis Melo family -a cantaloupe- from an unknown origin found inside a metallic containment box. SCP-██5█ seems to have a brain-like pattern on it's skin and an unusual red colour. so far, instances of SCP-██5█ didn't show any signs of aging or rotting, however, it did show signs of developing fungus on its surface without rotting itself. which is only natural due to the nature the anomaly grows in.

SCP-██5█ was obtained alongside SCP-██5█-1 during a raid on a spot of interest thought to be a meeting point for the GOI the chaos insurgency conducted by agent █████ who was ordered to retrieve SCP-███-1.

SCP-██5█-1 is a diary containing 25 pages of awkwardly written English seemingly noting the progress of Dr. tam while he is working on developing SCP-██5█ for the chaos insurgency as an effort to create a new weapon. after further investigations, Dr. tam claimed that this diary is indeed his after he escaped from the insurgency and interrogated by foundation personnel.

SCP-██5█'s anomalous effects were not known at the beginning, but after studying SCP-██5█ and SCP-██5█-1, a lot was discovered about the anomaly. Apparently, according to the contents of SCP-██5█-1, SCP-██5█ is a cantaloupe specimen from one of many dimensions Dr. tam went to and was chosen for it's excellent environment for an extra dimensional virus engineered from its base form by Dr. tam. (for more information about SCP-██5█-1, see addendum ██5█-C)

SCP-██5█'s anomalous effects are discovered to manifest in it's consumers as a form of extrasensory perception -ESP-, the researchers named this stage "stage A". however, the abilities the consumer gets seems to be random or unspecified, so far, the recorded and confirmed abilities by testing are:-

  • Telekinesis:- the ability to manipulate or move objects using brain waves. (seen in test ██5█-T1)
  • geokinesis:- the ability to manipulate or move minerals or rock formations using brain waves. (seen in test ██5█-T2)
  • pyrokinesis:- the ability to manipulate fire using brain waves. (seen in test ██5█-T3)
  • telepathy:-the ability to send and read thoughts using brain waves. (seen in test ██5█-T4)
  • cryokinesis:-the ability to freeze or lower the temperature of objects using brain waves.(seen in test ██5█-T5)
  • omni psychic perfection:- the ability to have every psychic ability (this is name is give by a subject after ingesting an entire instance of SCP-██5█ claiming that he can do anything, however, this ability was not fully studied since the subject created a blast which killed him in the process). (seen in accident ██5█-T6)

Subjects who consumes SCP-██5█ go through four stages:-

  • stage A:- The subject consumes SCP-██5█ and obtains a psychic power.
  • stage B:- The subject dies due to a brain related injuries or causes. (the cause of this is still up for debate, however, Dr. tam claims that SCP-██5█ is a prototype of some kind and will always be due to Dr. tam leaving the project claiming "It net ma'n specialty, anyroads")
  • stage C: -the subject starts to rapidly decompose and an instance of SCP-██5█ will start to grow out of the subject's stomach. subject also starts losing nutrients and fats seeming absorbed by the anomaly
  • stage D: -after a week, three (3) instances will become fully grown and the subject's body will resemble a mummy.

Addendum: ██5█-A
It appears that a subject who consumed an instance of SCP-██5█ or at least a piece of it would also die under unknown circumstances similar to how it gives its consumer a random psychic power. The means of how the virus inside SCP-██5█ is able to determine which power it should give to the consumer or how the subject will die is still unknown and up for debate.

When SCP-████ was asked about SCP-██5█ and its origin, he gave very little in terms of contexts with the excuse that he still wants to “trust” the foundation and if that he told the foundation about it, it won’t be important anyways because neither him nor the foundation can “reach it”.

A total of six (6) tests have been conducted on SCP-██5█ to try to know if SCP-██5█ had any further anomalous effects. Five of them were helpful to the research but the last test have been classed as an accident due to the damage done during the test which killed █ and injured ██.
(-Note: access to the test logs of SCP-██5█ require 2 level 3 clearance from O5-█ and O5-█ for security purposes. Since SCP-██5█ was discovered in the hands of the GOI the chaos insurgency, it would be likely that they may attempt to retrieve it by any method possible.)