Item #:SCP-████
Object class:Safe
Threat level:White
Speacial containment Procedures:
SCP-████ is to be held on a standard showcase pedestal inside a 5cm glass bullet-proof casing, and the containment cell SCP-████ with it's surrounding area is to be monitored and guarded by highly trained class-C personnel to prevent any possible outside containment breaches from any members from the Chaos insurgency since SCP-████ was recovered from the GOI during a raid lead by [Data expunged until farther notice] on a suspected point of interest for the group. All gaurds and staff members are always to be on full alert for any possible containment breach. and for any staff member to enter, every staff member must have a level-3 clearance and a permission from the head researcher or O5-█. Access to SCP-████ and SCP-████-1 is only permetied to researchers and staff members while the use of SCP-████ by class-D pesonnel is only allowed for testing perposes.

SCP-████ appeares to be an unknown specimen from the Cucumis melo family -a cantaloupe- from an unknown origin found inside a leathered box made out of mahogany wood. SCP-████ seems to have a brain-like pattern on it's skin and an unusual red colour. so far, SCP-████ didn't show any signs of aging or rotting. the source of any form sustainance is yet to be discovered if there any.

SCP-████ was retreived alongside SCP-████-1 which is a diary containing 25 pages of written text seemingly describing the daily live of Dr. tam after he traveled to an alternate reality and how he obtained SCP-████. inside the diary, a note could be found written to Dr. emileian, however, after extensive search, no traces were found in the foundation's archives about the two docters mentioned earlier, which lead to the speculation that those might be codenames used by the insurgency for communication. however, that might be very unlikely. (access to SCP-████-1 and the note requires the proper clearance)

SCP-████'s anomalous effects were noticed by the researchers at the time after test 3651-T1-1 were subject D-19959 was served a piece of SCP-████ which seemingly gave the subject extrasensory perception abilities -ESP- upon ingestion. the ability subject gained is the ability to manipulate objects using his mind which is commonliy known as telekenisis or psychokenisis. upon ingestion, the subject reported a sweet and sour taste and seems to behave diffrently like he always had this power even though records show no signs of this individual having such powers before this test. it's also worth mentioning that the peice cut from SCP-████ regenerated as quickly as the subject ate the peice presented to him and the results of tests through 3651-T1-1 to 3651-T1-6 vary in what kind of ESP the subjects got in the tests, as they have shown the signs of the following abilites:-

  • Telekenisis:- the ability to manipulate or move objects using brain waves
  • geokenisis:- the ability to manipulate or move minerals or rock formations using brain waves
  • pyrokenisis:- the ability to manipulate fire using brain waves.
  • telepathy:-the ability to send and read thoughts using brain waves.
  • astral projection:- the ability to freely leave a body and travel in the spirit realm.
  • omnipsychic perfetion:- the ability to have every psychic ability (this is name is give by a subject after ingesting all of SCP-████ leaving only the stem claming that he can do anything, however, this ability is not confirmed to posseses every known psychic ability since the subject died shortly after).

it seems that any person ingesting SCP-████ will result in the subject's death with a brain related trauma or illness with the beginning symptoms usually being bleeding from the nose, ear and eyes after unspeacified amout of time. and the over using of an ability by the subject may quicken the death of the subject, however, it's not totally confirmed yet.

So far, it seems that SCP-████-1 doesn't posseses any anomalous effects, however, it's contant is considered out of the ordinary due to the strange way choosen to write it's contant since there are hints in the object that Dr. tam might be an extradimentional entity or an individual with the capablites to travel to other dimentions through unknown means. (the following are the recorded test of SCP-████ and some pages of interest from SCP-████-1 - proper clearance required)