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A photograph of SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a room on a standard table with limited decoration. It is to be kept plugged into a source of electricity at all times to prevent the risk of triggering a shutdown. Experimentation is allowed with Level two security clearance, but subjects are to be escorted to a cell by two members of security personnel and are to be kept there until interviewed. Subjects are to be interviewed no more than 2 nights after contact with SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an entity that exists within a vintage computer monitor. It has a constantly running program, which allows communication with it. Communication occurs when the subject types their message into the computer. The entity will converse with subjects for no more than ten lines of messages- after the 10th line, the computer program which allows communication will shut down. After said communication occurs, the subject will report being tired and will usually fall asleep within the next two minutes. Subjects report dreaming of being in a room with said entity, which they describe as a common looking white male with a bald spot on the top of his head, and pot belly from supposed frequent alcohol consumption.

The entity is reported to be in a constant depressive state and moans frequently about lost family members. Subjects also recognise that the entity appears to be drunk.

After speaking to the entity in their dreams, subjects are reported to be unresponsive to certain questions, and instead continue to talk about another topic. Questions that subjects have proven unresponsive to include the following:

  • "Did he tell you where his wife and son were?"

*" Did he tell you his last name?"

Test subjects (known as SCP-XXXX-2) also begin to make requests the behalf of the entity. 23.4% of subjects attempted to escape the Foundation in order to search for the entities family within 3 days of contact, 100% of which have been successfully detained and returned to the Foundation. The psychological effects following contact with the entity fade 3 days following communication, and with it all memories of the dream in which subjects made contact with the entity.

All research that has been done to uncover what causes these psychological effects have been proven either inconclusive or invalid. Further research is pending.

The entity has been found capable of experiencing emotions and is aware of it's current state, often complaining about being trapped in the computer. During communication, the following information was discovered about SCP-XXXX:

  • Their name is [REDACTED]
  • They supposedly have/had a son and wife.
  • [REFACTED]'s son and wife exist within another compute, which remains undiscovered.

[REDACTED] has made three requests during communication to date:

  • To be uploaded to a newer computer (Denied.)
  • Help to find his son and wife (Allowed. All attempts to date have been unsuccessful.)
  • A can of beer (Denied.)

Interview logs SCP-XXXX-2 #1:

Interviewed: Subject D-███

Interviewer: Agent ███████

Foreword:The following interview took place two days after Subject D-███ made contact with SCP-XXXX.

<Begin Log, 0:46>

Agent ███████: How are you feeling?

Subject D-███: I'm feeling normal.

Agent ███████: Alright. What did you experience after speaking to SCP-XXXX?

Subject D-███: I remember feeling incredibly tired, but I can't remember what happened before I fell asleep. I just remember waking up back in the room with a man with a pot belly and a bald spot… he reminded me of my old science teacher, actually. He seemed sad and kept complaining about his family.

Agent ███████: What were some of it's complaints?

Subject D-███: He kept saying that he missed his son and wife, whenever I tried to interrupt or talk to him he just kept complaining.

Agent ███████: Did it tell you where it's family is?

Subject D-███: -he did make some requests though, I was wondering if you could upload him to a higher model of computer.

Agent ███████: That isn't what I asked, Do you know where it's family is?

Subject D-███:-He also wanted a can of beer, I don't know if you can do that though, but he said it's fine.

Agent ███████:Moving on, you refer to it as he, did it have emotions?

Subject D-███: Yes I do.

Agent ███████: I? Are you alright?

Subject D-███:I'm just a little tired, I'm going to go now.

Subject attempts to leave, and after not responding to several attempts to get his attention Agent ███████ allows him to go out of frustration.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Afterwards, Subject D-███ was escorted back to his cell, where he immediately fell asleep. After waking up he remembered nothing of the incident.


SCP-XXXX has had significant research devoted to it, and only some of the properties of it have been discovered. The most significant of it’s properties is the fact that the computer itself has synapse and neurotransmitter like code engraved into the programming of the system itself.

Any attempt at dismantling the computer thus far has been futile, and the computer itself will automatically shut down when any of the parts are tampered with until they are reverted to their original state.