This is the draft for a hopefully green lighted idea for a interactive, CYOA scp.

The following file is Level 5/XXXX Classified
Unauthorized access is forbidden and will result in your chair being dropped into SCP 0096’s containment chamber.

Ok, so just so you know, Dr.??? Is written as Dr.QM on paper for simplicity and said Doctor Quim when addressing him.

(Too lazy to write more for now)

The Runaway of Dr.???

According to MTF Unknown, (for capture and securing of any Dr.??? Related SCP, and Dr.??? Due to mid high reliance on created containment. Contains 100 personnel. 10 are logistics and science. 30 are for capture. 40 are combat ready. 10 are for backup and look out. Essential

Seeing as Dr.??? Is a potential Thaumail scp, and that they are extremely important as a person who created multiple Thaumail scp, they are to be captured and returned to the foundation with top priority. -05 council.

Not RANDOMIZED YET!!! Don’t Cheat. Got to The beginning.

This is to prevent people who don’t wanna do a cyoa from doing a cyoa.

extra code

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Special Containment procedures:
The items are to be stored in the same freezer as (fish sticks?). As the freezer is equipped with locks, 1 guard is to remain posted in the lounge connected to the room.

Details: SCP-xxxx is a (object)

[[Nonexistent problems2]]

Special Containment Procedures: It cannot be contained and research is ongoing.

Scp XXXX is virus that causes people to …


This is my personal rewrite which I will not post unless given permission and is for my personal pleasure of rewriting scp. I do not intend on posting this unless 1, I am given permission, and 2, someone tells me it’s a good idea.

Choose Wisely as this is Your Beginning and Your End.

You wake up at 4:00 am, much earlier than you normally do. Your alarm is ringing and roads are near silent outside. You open your windows to reveal a large, misty forest with a large, but rarely used highway. A frosted red Ferrari zooms by. You wonder what you should do.

Go down stairs and drink coffee: Go to #2

Drive to the foundation and drink coffee, you don’t want to miss a beat. Go to #3