Second Hand Socialism

Second Hand Socialism
Item #: SCP-XXXX Safe

Special Containment Procedures
SCP- Is to be stored on a USB contained within a locked box measuring no larger than 0.3 cubic metres.

SCP- is a collection of archive footage from various news and government groups originating from the former Soviet Union and modern day Russia with the song Stressed Out by 21 Pilots played over the top, contrasting the two eras.
Upon watching the video for the first time a sense of nostalgia is instilled into the viewer, as the video is re-watched this sense of nostalgia deepens slowly convincing the viewer they were present at events which they were not, before after a considerable number of viewings throwing the viewer into a deep depression spawning from the non-existence of the Soviet Union in the modern world.

SCP- was captured after a raid on a radical socialist group by [expunged] police, captured documents and hard drives were seized by [expunged] police. The video only became aware to the Foundation after reports of a change in character and subsequent suicide of an {Officer/embedded agent?} leaving a subsequent note "I wish we could turn back time, to the good old days."

  • Experiment 1

Subject is D-3316 Caucasian male aged 21 {show i say that he is tested for if he has existing nostalgia for the soviet union?}
Test is conducted remotely with cameras and microphones to interview D-3316. D-3316 is in a small room containing only a chair and a desktop computer with the USB containing SCP-XXXX inserted into the desktop.
Begin Log

Dr. Porter - Can you hear me D-3316?

D-3316 - Yes doctor, loud and clear.

Dr. Porter - Ok good, please take a seat and open the file marked SCP-XXXX {or should i give it a real file name like "turn back time.mp4"?}

D-3316 proceeds to sit in the seat, adjusting it slightly.

D-3316 - Open the file now Doctor?

Dr. Porter - Yes D-3316, open the file and watch the video.

D-3316 opens the file, playing the video.

Video ends

Dr. Porter - D-3316, How do you feel?

D-3316 - Sad, Doctor.

Dr. Porter - Explain.

D-3316 - I feel upset that the Soviet Union collapsed even though it gave us so many good times, so much international competition.

Dr. Porter - Well it is gone now, would you please watch the video again.

D-3316 watches the video another four (4) times.

Video Ends

D-3316 - You know what Doctor, these were good times.

D-3316 sits in silence for thirty (30) seconds

D-3316 - You know what my favourite moment was Doctor?

Dr. Porter - What was your favourite moment D-3316?

D-3316 - Waving the flag over the Reichstag, man was that exhilarating. We'd been fighting for days.

D-3316 looks down in silence

D-3316 - I lost some good comrades over those days but I know they were smiling down on me as I waved the flag, our symbol of peace and victory.

Dr. Porter - D-3316, you know you were not present at the Battle of Berlin right?
{I dont really know what i should have D-3316 say here if he should say something like "oh you are right doctor [pause] i forgot" or if D-3316 should just ignore Dr Porter all together.}

D-3316 watches the video another twelve (8) times, each time telling a story of the Soviet Union as if he participated in the event.

Video ends

D-3316 lets out a sob and restarts the video

D-3316 watches the video another six (6) times sobbing and crying loudly, touching the screen and hammering the desk with his fist.

Upon the video ending for a seventh time D-3316 closes the video file and sits in his chair sobbing

D-3316 - Doctor, I'd like to be terminated, there is no point living in a world without the Soviet Union. Why can't we turn back time to the good old days?

End Log

Note: D-3316 is administered Class-A amnestics and is placed under observation.