Burning Slime

ITEM #:SCP-5678


Special Containment Procedures:SCP-5678 is meant to be contained in a steel chamber that is 2x3x3. SCP-5678's container must be fixed up MONTHLY! On any case it is not fixed, the whole place it broke out in must be put on a [DATA EXPUNGED] lock down.

Description:SCP-5678 seems to look like slime that is made at home, researchers do not think this slime has anything to do with SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED] but they are still doing testing. This is not the average slime you make at home, it burns anyone who comes in contact with it, it can also burn the following: All types of clothes, anything made of fabric, plastic (Takes a month), medal (Takes a year), there is a lot more SCP-5678 can burn, we cannot give the full list due to the amount of time it would take.

SCP-5678 seems to be able to change shape somehow, this is unknown to researchers here at the SCP. The SCP can grow as large as the earth by our predictions. So D-Class cannot be tested because the SCP will kill them really easily.

Until futher notice, SCP-5678 cannot and I repeat CANNOT be tested with SCP-682, researchers fear that SCP-5678 could kill SCP-682.