Item #: SPC-3975

Object Class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-3975 is to be kept in an air tight, 4 x 4 x 4 room, with silicon lining the walls. A class-D personnel member shall be posted at the main entrance to the room, and is to keep all other personnel away from the SCP unless the personnel has proper documentation. Class-D personnel should be rotated every twelve hours, and should have titanium helmets to ward off SCP-3975’s influence. Class-D personel should be kept in a perpetual state of boredom at all times.


SPC-3975 is what can only be described as a pink cloud. SPC-3975 has a diameter of 18 centimeters, and has a swirling shape. However, personel should be warned that this SCP, though small, can do significant damage. SCP-3975 is capable of manipulating physical weather in an environment based on moisture. If uncontained, 3975 could create a catigorey 5 hurricane out of a smal forrest. As a result, in an area with no moisture, this SCP is very weak.

However, this SCP can also manipulate psychological atmospheres as well. If an organism in the area is experiancing any kind of emotion, SCP-3975 can sense the horomone emenating from the organism. It can then use the horomones for its own purposes. With a small amount of dopamine in a 30 mile vacinity, SCP-3957 can drain all “happiness chemicals” out of the air. This will result in any organism in said radius to lose all will to live, and will either end its own life or attempt to sleep away the emotional turmoil. In both instances the organism doesn’t wake up.

Silicon is highly affective due to its ability to keep areas dry.

This SPC doesn’t seem to be sapient, however [DATA REDUCTED]