Item #: SCP-3489

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: None.

Description: SCP-3489 was an adolescent Caucasian man named ████ ██████. It constantly emitted a nondescript "rap beat" that, although clearly heard by all personnel within a 30 meter radius—even through walls and hearing protection, did not physically exist. Using recording devices, it had been proven that no such sound was created around SCP-3489, even though personnel could hear it through the recording as well, including when outside of SCP-3489's radius. When questioned, SCP-3489 was not able to explain how it acquired this ability.1

SCP-3489's secondary ability was a memetic effect, causing all speech about it or to it to be said in time with the beat. Extensive testing had been unable to circumvent the effect, and thus the original Documentation reflected this.2 This effect was not limited to humans—or biological entities in general, as a test involving SCP-079 confirmed that even traditionally non-living sentient life was effected. However, SCP-3489 was killed in a following test to evaluate the strength of its influence, involving SCP-682. SCP-682 expressed mild confusion when it entered SCP-3489's range, as all personnel involved in testing began to notice the "beat" becoming increasingly distorted. The distortion became worse as SCP-682 began to slowly growl, increasing in intensity until SCP-3489's head violently exploded. No trace of SCP-3489's primary or secondary effects have ever been observed since.