Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any Researcher with Level 2 Clearance or above is permitted to summon any known SCP-XXXX entity. However, summoning any newly discovered SCP-XXXX entity must first be approved by the current Head Researcher assigned to SCP-XXXX, and any additional precautions created for first contact with the specific SCP-XXXX entity must be followed. Actively worshiping any SCP-XXXX entity outside of testing is strictly prohibited.

Interactions with SCP-XXXX entities must be precisely logged. When either two total hours of testing have passed, or five different SCP-XXXX entities have been summoned (whichever comes first) testing must be concluded for the day (See Addendum XXXX.1).

Description: SCP-XXXX is the combined designation given to a number of interrelated anomalous phenomena. These include:

  • A parallel universe to our own. To all non SCP-XXXX entities, this space appears to be an empty void. Various interviews with SCP-XXXX entities have revealed the space to be identical to our universe.
  • Entities that reside in the parallel universe. These entities are non-corporeal, and greatly vary in appearance. They can perceive our world, and interact with it in subtle ways. Almost all SCP-XXXX entities stay near earth for various reasons. No SCP-XXXX entity is currently capable of leaving the parallel universe.
  • A laurel wreath adorned with a large (~400 carat) crystal closely resembling a diamond. Wearers of the wreath can understand the language that SCP-XXXX entities speak. Linguistic analysis has shown the language to closely resemble a form of Proto-Indo-European.
  • A portal connecting our universe to the parallel universe. The portal is created when a successful summoning has taken place. It will appear somewhere in the room (or, if summoned outside, in the general vicinity) and the summoned entity will be directly in view.

All entities refer to themselves as "Gods" of a particular facet of reality. While sometimes seemingly impressive at face value, all SCP-XXXX entities and their abilities are ultimately extremely inept and near useless, respectively. At most, an SCP-XXXX entity will only be a mild help/annoyance.

Below are examples of various SCP-XXXX entites:

Category Designation Name & Titile Current Visual Appearance Influence over Reality
Entity T-25 Tiktar, The God of Tic-Tacs A large (~1 meter) Tic-Tac, with a completely functional human face. Has the ability to summon a single Tic-Tac every 30 seconds. It is able to launch these Tic-Tacs at up to 5 kmph.
Entity A-77 Aerako, The God of Breeze A vaguely humanoid spectralesque form composed of a very fine mist/fog. No determinate end to the lower midsection, as in the place of legs is a long tail reminiscent of a flowing wind trail. Can cause a slight (~7-12 mph) breeze to emanate from the portal. The wind is is presumed to be anomalous in nature, as the temperature of the created wind is always 20°C.
Entity F-39 Fotia, The God of Fire An amorphous blob of molten rock. "Speaks" by emitting plumes of steam that erupt to the surface. Causes the air surrounding the portal to become an average temperature of 45°C. Can spontaneously light very small (~5 mm) fires.
Entity L-12 Lantat, The God of Perversion Composed of several human and animal sexual organs, constantly slick with an unknown liquid. Possesses memetic properties pertaining to arousal in any living organism capable of perceiving it in any way. This results in [DATA EXPUNGED]. In one case, [DATA EXPUNGED].1

A more complete list of SCP-XXXX entities can be found in SCP-XXXX Experiment Log.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX and it's anomalous phenomena were first discovered via a video uploaded to a popular social media website by █████ ███████, now classified as PoI-XXXX-1.

The video consisted of explaining the components of the particular summoning ritual of SCP-XXXX Entity T-25, and the subsequent summoning of Entity T-25. PoI-XXXX-1 and Entity T-25 then conversed with each other. Of note being Entity T-25's friendly attitude towards PoI-XXXX-1, suggesting the two had conversed before. The summoning ends, PoI-XXXX-1 gives a simple outro, and the video ends.

By the time Foundation agents discovered the video, it had already amassed over █ million views. PoI-XXXX-1 was tracked down, detained, and interviewed (See Addendum XXXX.2). After PoI-XXXX-1 was proven to be non-anomalous, he was administered Class-C amnestics and reintroduced into society. The video was taken down, and a misinformation campaign led by embedded Foundation Agent ███████ ███████████ was successful in labeling the video as a hoax.

Addendum XXXX.1:

Addendum XXXX.2: