Item #: SCP-XXXX “Skynet’s good boy”

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 5 by 5 meter steel cell. No objects are to be present in the room at any time, except for those that are present on people in the room. The walls are to be constructed from 1x1 meter steel plates that are no less than 4 centimeters in thickness. They are to be maintained on a bi-monthly basis by 2 Class-D and an overseeing security officer. Lower panels that are reachable by SCP-XXXX are to be replaced weekly, as they have a major chance of breaking.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large, robotic quadruped animal 0.9 meters in height. It uses a 720 degree rotating camera, allowing it to see everywhere around it. The structure of the chassis is similar to that of a Boston Dynamics big dog but possesses a different leg build. The leg build has many more joints, the back legs having less joints but are significantly heavier, about 6 kilograms. The front legs have a ice-skate like construction attached to the “heel” of the foot and deployed when attacking. When moving, it makes very little noise and vocalizations are never heard. Its weapons are the heavier back legs, the sharpened front legs, and a universal weapon mount for any weapon. The fusing is done on a molecular level, and through all means available, (See addendum 01) cannot be detached. It will only detach and be used as a regular weapon as it once was when SCP-XXXX is presented with another weapon. Because of this, the M14 rifle SCP-XXXX got hold of when it breached (See Incident-1389)
Is to always remain unloaded. It attacks with its limbs by delivering cranial damage with its back legs, rendering most targets unconscious. It will then attack the spine and brainstem, creating deep lacerations. It will continue this assault until the target is rendered dead. It is unknown how it knows if a target is dead or not. SCP-XXXX repairs itself by taking chunks of polymer, plastic, or any type of metal. So, weapons that are “Inferior” to SCP-XXXX are considered materials. It uses the materials by the same fusing mechanism seen by weapon mounting, it grabbing chunks of the material needed and attaching it to the damaged part, it slowly fusing and melting into the surrounding parts.

Recovery log 4-476
SCP-XXXX is found behind a apartment, around 2 miles away from the Boston dynamics facility in a large dumpster. The weapon mount is empty, and damage is seen. A spray paint in red is seen on the side, stating “[CENSORED] ANDROIDS!”
Several circular saws are seen and a disposed red spray can. Field agents took it to Site-██, the spray paint being cleaned and it being placed in temporary containment.

After SCP-XXXX is recovered and placed in temporary containment, it “Awakens” and attacks the backdoor with the its back legs, breaking it open. Both security guards and researcher present are terminated. Multiple security guards are deployed, SCP-XXXX terminating the 4 man squad. It picks up an M14 rifle from a deceased guard. SCP-XXXX is restrained 4 minutes later by hand, security officers getting the advantage by ambushing it around a corner. It is placed in stronger temporary containment until the containment cell is built.

Addendum 01-A
SCP-XXXX is restrained heavily by hand, and several high-caliber bullets to the legs. The damage is repaired later. Foundation engineers then use a circular saw to attempt to detach the rifle attached to SCP-XXXX. It fails, and the circular saw breaks. It is attempted with another, stronger saw, and fails again. It is presented with a Glock-19 standard pistol. SCP-XXXX does not attempt to attach it nor does the connection between the M14 and SCP-XXXX loosen. The test is concluded with 0 casualties. Footnote: SCP-XXXX showed hostility levels much higher than when it breached. It is unsure if this is because it can feel pain, and it was hurt, or it is simply upset.