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The Chaos Insurgency was having a very good day.

Marcus Austerion walked the halls as a hero. Their old, ragtag base had been replaced with a shiny new Foundation site, loaded with the latest technology and a vast array of… information to peruse.

And all I had to do was seduce some geezer and kill some fogies to get it.

There was a certain joy in being the boss. No longer was he at the beck and call of an old woman, having to spend the Insurgency's notably low budget on fancy gifts to please her. The respect is a nice touch too. For a time, he had been referred to as "Granny-lover Marcus", a decidedly uncreative nickname, but one that still stung nonetheless.

"Marcus, you're needed in the command center."

A wiry man, who had been acting as Marcus's assistant for the past few days notified him.

"Thank you John." Marcus responded, "I'll be right there."

The former council room, now the command center, had been cleaned of blood and bodies only a few hours ago, and the cleaning solution gave the room a nice lavender scent to mask the stench of death and gunshots. Two men sat, lightly bickering at the table. The man on the left, Dale O'Connor, was their unofficial treasurer. The man on the right, Kenneth Posely, preferred to speak on diplomatic affairs. Marcus himself acted as a de facto tactician, and if the situation called for it, general leader.

"What's the situation now?" Marcus asked, "We still have several days before the Universal Council reconvenes. Are we really having this much trouble securing key Sites in this backwater swamp planet?"

"To be frank, yes." Kenneth retorted, "They've noticed that all of their communication lines to us and to each other have been severed. At some point they'll find a way out of lockdown before we can take control of the Sites. We don't have the manpower-"

"Or the resources." interrupted Dale.

"Yes, or the resources, to fend off the entire Foundation, especially if they reach out to other planets."

"So, I'm assuming this means we haven't made any progress with 13, is that correct?" Marcus inquired.

"Ah, yes, I have been completely unable to coerce him to give the "all-clear" order." Kenneth sheepishly responded, "All attempts at torture have completely failed. We don't know what to do."

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