Starboard66 - When a Good Man goes to War (Working)
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Screenshot taken from Drone footage of SCP-4xxx during Test 4xxx-03.

Item #: SCP-4xxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Features: SCP-4xxx is to be kept in a heavily fortified humanoid containment cell, equipped with Tier-3 Ballistic shielding and four (4) continuously-recording standard security cameras equipped with kinematic detection software. SCP-4xxx is implanted with several remote muscle relaxer administration nodes along its Latissimus Dorsi, Tricep Brachii, and Extensor Carpi Ulnaris muscles. When Kinematic software detects the subject “Winding Back”, administration implants are activated autonomously, preventing the movement of muscles that allow the subject to throw a punch. When implants are triggered, security personnel are to enter the subject’s cell and administer further tranquilization, as to render the subject unconscious. SCP-4xxx is allowed to roam about its room so long as it maintains good behavior for upwards of three months.

Description: SCP-4xxx is 19-year old Hispanic male of average build. Interviews conducted with the Subject concur that it is “…smart for their age” and “…is a nice kid”, despite Administrative direction to exclude informal descriptions from interview logs. Consideration on whether this is an anomalous effect or not is still being conducted.

All anomalous effects of SCP-4xxx are triggered when the subject throws a punch. In this event, SCP-4xxx-A will anomalously appear from beyond the subject’s line of sight in the form of various military-grade munitions, moving at speeds correlating to the specific munition’s standard usage, in the direction the subject punched towards. Artillery “used” often correlates with current technological standards of the United States Military, but can range between Vietnam-era weaponry to experimental energy-based weapons technology. The degree and type of weaponry that SCP-4xxx-A appears as correlates to the extremity of emotion SCP-4xxx is experiencing at the moment it throws the punch. The amount of weaponry SCP-4xxx-A materializes as correlates to how much force the subject puts into the punch.

Once SCP-4xxx has thrown a punch, it enters a rage state, henceforth referred to as a "Nuclear" state, where the subject throws punches of varying destructive capabilities over an indiscriminate amount of time. When the "Nuclear" state ends, the subject is rendered unconscious via unknown means for approximately 78 hours, during which it will rapidly heal from any injuries sustained while "Nuclear". After awakening, the subject retains no memories after the first punch is thrown. During the “Nuclear” state, SCP-4xxx is unable to be majorly injured from blasts and shrapnel it induces, but can be minorly injured, as evidenced by minor burns and lacerations found across its body after recovery. Since these states have not been found to last for any set amount of time, the current theory is that they last until the destructive equivalent of 1-Kiloton of TNT is induced by SCP-4xxx-A, or until SCP-4xxx is rendered unconscious by other means.1

While in a “Nuclear” state, SCP-4xxx will anomalously detect and attack standing structures and any living creatures, including humans, within a two-mile radius of itself. Living creatures take precedence over structures, humans take precedence over all other living creatures, and a larger group of humans take precedence over a smaller one.

Additional Notes: The subject was brought in by MTF NU-7 (“Hammer-Down”) after uncleared Military-grade weapons testing was reported in the midwest [REDACTED] region, far from any recorded military base. 47 casualties were sustained during recovery, and ███ acres of farmland were decimated in the process.


Interviewer: Dr. P███

Interviewee: SCP-4xxx

Date: 09-02-2███


Dr. P███: Hello, son.

SCP-4xxx: Hello… sir.

Dr. P███: Do you know your name?

SCP-4xxx: Uh, yeah, it’s [REDACTED]. And you are?

Dr. P███: Oh, my name is Dr. P███.

SCP-4xxx: Dr. P███, why am I strapped to a chair?

Dr. P███: Allow me to ask you a few questions before we get to that, [REDACTED]. Alright?

(SCP-4xxx nods)

Dr. P███: What is your date of birth?


Dr. P███: Does anyone in your family have any anomalous abilities?

SCP-4xxx: Anom-what?

Dr. P███: Anomalous, as in odd or different from the no-

SCP-4xxx: (Cutting in) I know what anomalous means, doc. I just don’t see what that has to do with anything.

Dr. P███: Calm down, son.

SCP-4xxx: …Sorry.

Dr. P███: Listen, [REDACTED], you are not in a good situation. I just want you to know that. I am a representative of the SCP Foundation. SCP stands for Secure, Contain, Protect. We deal with things that are dangerous and mysterious, and by all means, supernatural.

SCP-4xxx: …What did I do, doc? Why am I strapped in here?

Dr. P███: (Checks through dossier) About four days ago, you were brought in by one of our task forces. They experienced four… You’ve been in a coma since they brought you-

SCP-4xxx: They experienced four what?

Dr. P███: …They experienced forty-seven casualties and one hundred and twenty-four injured.

(SCP-4xxx is silent)

Dr. P███: There were witnesses saying it sounded like a war was going on just outside of your town. MTF NU-7 arrived on the scene and was greeted with… mortar fire. A firefight went on for four hours before you dropped like a stone… and here we are.

SCP-4xxx: I… I don’t-I don’t remember that.

Dr. P███: You don’t?

SCP-4xxx: No, I… I’ve been losing chunks of time lately and… oh god… the [REDACTED] family, they’re across town… they had to move away ‘cause their whole farm caught on fire one night… and-and I don’t remember anything I did that night ‘cept one of their boys picking on my sister…

Dr. P███: When was this?

SCP-4xxx: Couldn’t have been more than two weeks ago… oh Christ…

Dr. P███: Do you remember anything that may have caused you to be like this?

SCP-4xxx: My sister! Did I hurt my sister!?

Dr. P███: No, no, your family’s all accounted for.

(SCP-4xxx breathes for a moment, then appears lost in thought)

Dr. P███: Do you know what may have triggered this event?

(SCP-4xxx does not respond)

Dr. P███: Son, I need you to cooperate with me if we want this situation to be any better.

SCP-4xxx: I’m sorry doc, I… I just need to process this. Could I please have a moment?

Dr. P███: Of course.


Note: Upon exiting the room, Dr. P███ is severely reprimanded by his superior for referring to SCP-4xxx as “Son” several times. Dr. P███ is threatened with Level 7 amnestics and termination if he fails to adhere to formal interview procedure. During this time, SCP-4xxx can be observed weeping with its head down. Dr. K████ is then assigned to take over further research concerning SCP-4xxx.


Interviewer: Dr. K████

Interviewee: SCP-4xxx

Date: 01-27-2███


Dr. K████: How did you gain your anomalous abilities?

SCP-4xxx: Doc, how many did I kill?

Dr. K████: That is not the purpose of this interview.

SCP-4xxx: Everyone is scared of me now. Construction crews are everywhere. Everyone's got burns, or-or casts, or eyepatches. No one will talk about the last test. How many people did I kill?

Dr. K████: That is not the purpose of this interview.

SCP-4xxx: I refuse to participate in any interview until my question is answered.

Dr. K████: That is not your choice to make, 4xxx. We will now continue the interview. How did you gain your anomalous abilities?

(SCP-4xxx does not respond)

Dr. K████: How did you gain your anomalous abilities?

(SCP-4xxx does not respond)

Dr. K████: Answer the question, 4xxx.

(SCP-4xxx does not respond)

Dr. K████: Answer the damn question.

(SCP-4xxx does not respond)

Dr. K████: You cannot be serious, motherfucker. You cannot possibly act this way if you have a single working brain cell in your head. You are not in the county jail. You do not have the Fifth. Your rights have been revoked because of the danger you present to humanity. You must know this. And despite this, after acknowledging the danger you pose, after killing a hundred and seventy personnel, you act as if you have an iota of bargaining power, like a-like a child holding its breath. You cannot possibly be so dense as to not think that if you stop being worth the cost of your cell and your bed, the Foundation will find a way to end you quietly and finally.

SCP-4xxx: Do it.

(Dr. K████ does not respond)

SCP-4xxx: This isn’t a government facility, but you’re bureaucratic. Kill me, it’ll save you money and face.

Dr. K████: What are you-

SCP-4xxx: I’d like to put in a formal request to the SCP Foundation to have myself euthanized.

Dr. K████: …I’ll talk to my superiors. We will now continue the interview.

(SCP-4xxx nods)

Dr. K████: How did you obtain your anomalous abilities?

SCP-4xxx: A man. All white clothes. Said he was with the Air Force. Touched me on the shoulder and vanished.

(Dr. K████ immediately packs up and leaves the room)


Note: I’ve sent a retrieval task force back to that backwater to investigate this man. Finally, some progress. Apparently, he was crying a bit after this interview, and nobody went in to wipe his nose and dry his cheeks this time. Right when I thought I was the only one in this damn Site taking this kid seriously.

Secondary Note: I just got word back from the Administration board. You have got to be shitting me.

Recipient: uof.pcs|tseuqer_noitartsinimda#uof.pcs|tseuqer_noitartsinimda
Subject: Regarding SCP-4xxx

Board of Administrators,
SCP-4xxx has formally requested the euthanization of itself. I must second its request; it is my humble belief that the Foundation will significantly reduce risk of containment breach and loss of life within Site ██ if SCP-4xxx is terminated.
Additionally, I would like to formally apologize for my failure to adhere to standard interview procedure, as well as general unprofessionalism in the field.

-Dr. K████

Recipient: uof.pcs|tseuqer_noitartsinimda#uof.pcs|tseuqer_noitartsinimda
Subject: Re: Regarding SCP-4xxx

Dr. K████,
Request denied. Though SCP-4xxx’s anomalous abilities are considerably dangerous, workplace safety is not a luxury commonly experienced within the Foundation, as one who has worked here as long as you have should know. The potential uses for SCP-4xxx-A must be taken into consideration, seeing as the current budget for small-arms munitions alone nears █ █illion annually. We strongly urge that you get in contact with Overseers of MTF Alpha-9 (“Last Hope”) and MTF Nu-7 (“Hammer Down”) to submit SCP-4xxx for admittance consideration.
Considering your significant contributions to the SCP Foundation, your recent bout of unprofessionalism will be looked over. It is heavily urged that you continue setting an example for other researchers in the future.


Interviewer: Dr. K████

Interviewee: SCP-4xxx

Date: 01-31-2███


SCP-4xxx: Hey doc.

Dr. K████: 4xxx. Sit down.

SCP-4xxx: Ah, is it alright if I stand? I’ve been sitting all day-

Dr. K████: Sit down.

(SCP-4xxx sits down)

Dr. K████: I put through your request to my superiors. They had some people crunch the numbers-it would be far safer and less costly to the Foundation to have you terminated.

(SCP-4xxx is silent)

Dr. K████: However, possible uses for your ability were considered. I’ve spoken with personnel from MTF Alpha-9 ‘Last Hope’, and an opening is going to be arranged for you.

(SCP-4xxx is silent)

Dr. K████: MTF Alpha-9 is a task force based around humanoid SCP’s like yourself. They will train you and send you on missions. Reconnaissance, retrieval, neutralization. In your case, it’ll most definitely be neutralization-

SCP-4xxx: This is not what I requested.

Dr. K████: Your request was considered by my superiors, 4xxx. Nevertheless, they have decided to make your containment more cost-effective.

SCP-4xxx: Cost effective… I’m going to hurt more people, doc.

Dr. K████: Threatening me is not appreciated, 4xxx.

SCP-4xxx: It isn’t a threat, it’s a fact. You put me back out into the world, I can’t control myself, innocent people get hurt.

Dr. K████: The Foundation is well equipped to protect any civilians you may encounter.

SCP-4xxx: No you aren't. You’re barely equipped to protect your own. One hundred and seventy people.

Dr. K████: This was considered by the Administration board, people far smarter than you or I. You will be utilized to the best of the Foundation’s ability. Consider it a penance, if you must.

(SCP-4xxx is silent)

SCP-4xxx: … alright. I’ll do it.

Dr. K████: Your cooperation is appreciated, 4xxx.


Note: Right when I was walking back to my office, right when I thought this kid finally grew some sense, the hatch to his cell fucking exploded. My first thought was that he’d finally gotten fed up and was going to kill us all. I ran to the closest safe room, but there weren’t any more explosions. Nine-Tailed Fox showed up later, found him lying half-dead on his back. His jaw is fractured and he’s got burn marks everywhere. He punched himself in the goddamn face. Medical’s got him now, he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Damn, I think I’m starting to like this kid.