Starshinelosers "Site-██"
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Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: ████ is to be watched by a minimum of ten(10) armed guards, with at least one(1) stationed at each entrance into the building, and four(4) patrolling the interior hallways. Armed Guards must be able to stay at their stations for up to twenty-four(24) hours in case of a Containment Breach.

Any personnel attempting to enter the building must provide valid identification and a reason for entering ████, anyone who does not comply must be escorted to Site-████ by an armed guard patrolling the hallways. D-Class personnel entering the building do not need identification if being escorted by any Foundation persons who meet the requirements to enter the premises.

If a Containment Breach is to happen, all armed guards are to stay stationed at the exits until both MTF arrives, and the site has been evacuated of all living personnel. Termination of any D-Class persons is required if Containment Breach occurs. An SCP that is to be stored in ████ must be a Euclid class object, to make the best use of the storage ability of ████, and restrict the chance of a Containment Breach.

A poster outside of each entry should say how many sections of the building there are, and as of 5/5/████, should say there are seven(7) sections. Any personnel found to start a new section without O5 Council's permission are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-████, also classified as "Site-██," is a four-story-tall, square (40x40x16 meter dimensions) building made completely of grey concrete, located in [REDACTED], and consists of five entrances, but no windows. The building is observed to have at least 10 meters of a solid wall between the interior and exterior of the building forcing the capability of only four 5x5x4 meter rooms and 7.5x15x4 meter hallways. Stairways do not extend into the outer wall, but instead, take up space in the hallways.

The small rooms inside the building have been shown to be able to trap small objects with a hatch made of an unknown metal resembling silver, found to be indestructible and opens to Foundation Personnel when knocked on. ████ was given the Thaumiel Class because of its usefulness in containing SCPs. No Containment Breaches have been recorded in the first section of ██.

Another Anomaly of Site-██ is its ability in storage. Via two large wooden gates on the west end of the building, when opened, SCPs in all previous sections have shown signs of decomposition, and only SCP class objects have shown this symptom. Through these doorways, though, lead a new section of the building that cannot be seen from the outside, adding four more containment cells, and as of 12/8/████, there are 7 chambers, 17 SCPs stored here, and 5 SCPs at a critical Decomposition Level of at least 78%. Request to move these SCPs into a new site for better protection and treatment is under review.

Addendum: Discovery of SCP-████s anomalous abilities have been credited to Dr. L. █████. Discovery of the Site, itself, is unknown, but can be reasonably assumed to come from another anomaly containment group.

Requests from Site-24 to cease the transfer of SCPs between 24 and ██ has been reviewed, and we are to not store SCPs at Site-24 to increase storage in ████. Further requests from Site-██ have been made to make a secondary storage for ██, currently under review.