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Item #: SCP-3720

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3720 is to be contained in a standard holding cell. It is allowed to freely roam the facility, barring any secure locations. SCP-3720 is to be accompanied by a staff member at all times when outside of its cell, this is more of a formality and the safety of SCP-3720. SCP-3720 is to be provided with abundant reading material and internet access of white-listed sites. Foundation staff are free to talk to SCP-3720, and are encouraged to, in order to decrease chances of depression.

Description: SCP-3720 is a 23 year old human female of Asian decent, with dark blue eyes and long black hair. SCP-3720 is completely mute, but is able to communicate via writing and gestures.

SCP-3720 has 2 anomalous properties.

The first property is SCP-3720's lack of vocal cords, which is the cause for it being mute. SCP-3720 claims it never had them. Examination more or less confirms this as there is no scarring on or in the throat. Whether SCP-3720’s lack of vocal cords is truly anomalous or not has come into question multiple times, however anomalous means have yet to be disproven.

The second property is SCP-3720’s complete immunity to other anomalous objects and beings. This effect also applies in the opposite way, as SCP-3720 cannot effect other SCPs in the way an average human would. A single test will be provided in this file, the full list of testing can be found in file 3720-1A, only level 3 or above personnel may access the full list. SCP-3720 claims to have no knowledge of why it has these effects. However, SCP-3720 is in no way immune or even resistant to non-anomalous objects, as shown in test Test 3720-A.

In light of its lack of speech, interviews with SCP-3720 have proven difficult.And details about its past are unknown even by SCP-3720.

Item: SCP-173

Test Condition:SCP-3720 and SCP-173 are placed in the same room. SCP-3720 is made aware of SCP-173's properties.

Immunity Test Record:
SCP-3720 stares at SCP-173 for 40 seconds before blinking, and is then asked by researchers to approach SCP-173. Researchers then stop watching SCP-173, and tell SCP-3720 to continue to stare. SCP-173 unexpectedly starts to wander the containment cell, as if SCP-3720 wasn't watching it. However, rather than snapping SCP-3720's neck, SCP-173 simply moves about the cell, showing no reaction to SCP-3720.

Notes: This may indicate that SCP-3720 is in some way invisible to other anomalous beings. Further testing has proven this theory to be incorrect.

Addendum: No further non-anomalous testing is to be done on SCP-3720, losing it to non-anomalous means would be a waste, and an embarrassment to the foundation.