Staticatt_ First SCP Drafts.
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Item #: XXXX
Object class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a modified humanoid containment cell. It's cell walls are to be reinforced with standard steel. When transferring the entity it is required for personnel to act calm when entering the containment due to feral instincts the subject has developed. The entity has yet shown any signs of violence to personnel and has only appeared to shy away. It is still advised to wait for the entity to calm down and become compliant. It is noted however that the entity will be hostile towards specific personnel that have a history of animal abuse and will refuse to work with them. Regardless of behavior security schedules will not be changed.
Description: The entity is a human adolescent male approximately 1.4 meters tall and ██ years of age that has grown black and brown fur covering most of it's body excluding most of the face. The fur pattern is similar to a ████████ with the tail of a █████████ approximately 3m in length. The entity's left arm starting from the elbow has been replaced with fully functioning mechanical bones underneath the skin. The source of these implants are unkown but tissue growth around the metal suggest a very young age. Embedded inside the entity's left forearm is a large liquid storage vessel that connects to four smaller vessels within the palm with each individually splitting into retractable needles acting as the fingertips. On the back of the subject's hand is a burned logo of unknown origin. The logo depicts a lion head in its center, a snake's head on the left, a goat's head to the right and the words “Project Chimera” below the image in english.

SCP-XXXX's needle's are able to "drain" or copy a specific property from one subject and "inject" it into another, causing it to mutate and gain the property. Within the vessels in the arm the entity can mix and combine properties by spinning, heating, and cooling it as needed. The recorded mixtures have a wide range of effects from simple painkilling to the growth of extra limbs. Anything mutated by this is method is referred to as SCP-XXXX-1

The instances were originally going to be terminated but the entity entered an extreme emotional state and refused to let personnel near him. Dr. ████████ made a deal with the entity that if it guarantees it and the instances compliancy they will be allowed to stay with it in containment. The entity and instances continues to remain completely compliant aside for specific personnel mentioned above.

The entity uses its own blood as a base for the mixtures. The entity's blood has key trace ingredients of powerful painkillers and anesthetics. The entity has difficulty feeling physical pain and has frequent laps in memory. This blood make-up allows for extreme healing properties that it can use to heal others through injection. The healing properties of it's blood have been proven to revive dead flesh through injection. Though reviving dead tissue will cause immense strain on the entity and will occasionally pass out.