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SCP-4215 prior to contaiment.

Item #: SCP-4215

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4215 are contained in a steel safe, protected by numeric code. If any unusual sounds are heard from the safe containing SCP-4215, they should be reported to Dr. Stefan. SCP-4215-1 is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber, under 24 hours surveillance. She's not allowed near any kind of playing/tarot cards. Any attempt of escaping the containment should be punished by destroying one instance of SCP-4215, that seemingly hurts SCP-4215-1. At no time should SCP-4215-1 come in contact with SCP-4215, only in an authorized test.

Description: SCP-4215 resembles a pack of tarot cards, with no known brand or markings. Even if one instance is destroyed, another one, seemingly identical, will take it's place. Their main anomaly manifests when one human uses them. When one individual makes contact with them, they will ''bond'', that human gaining experience in reading Tarot Cards, regardless of past experiences. He will then start talking with them, by asking them questions and then picking a card to understand their answer. This is purely in the subject head, the cards possessing no sapience at all See Incident 4215/3After ten minutes of monologue dialogue with the cards, the subject will then make the statement ''We are ready.". After this, a bright light will appear and will completely cover the subject and SCP-4215. After the light disappears, the subject will start erupting in bright green flames (that aren't extinguishable by any known means), and will finally expire, leaving no trace.

SCP-4215-1 is a human female of caucasian descent, named D██████ B██████. She is twenty years old, gone missing for five years.Her IQ is slightly above average, having a funny and joyful personality. She is the only known individual able to use the power of SCP-4215. She is able to materialize SCP-4215 using any deck of playing/tarot cards. She will continue by saying The Vowel, resulting in the emerging of the bright light, proceeding with SCP-4215 being able to fully use them. Their use vary, the most significant and dangerous one being that SCP-4215-1 can cast exactly what's depicted on any card from SCP-4215 upon wish. The Vowel represents a phrase that if repeated by SCP-4215-1 in the presence of SCP-4215 will trigger it's effect. The Vowel was given to researchers during Interview 4215-1/1, and its the next: ''I will work for you and you will work for me, we will work together.''.

Incident 4215/3: On ██/██/20██, 12:34, Dr. Stefan was alerted that strange noises came from the safe containing SCP-4215. When Dr. Stefan opened the safe, all the cards started screaming happily the name of SCP-4215-1 (this was the first time SCP-4215 emitted any kind of sounds). At the same time, SCP-4215-1 appeared at the entrance of the Site (we were yet to contain her), demanding ''her cards back". Before guards could do anything, she pulled out a pack of playing cards, and materialized SCP-4215 in her hands, pulling out the Death card, killing all the guards stationed at the entrance. She then made her way inside and said that she's ready to be contained. SCP-4215 was confiscated from her, SCP-4215-1 stating that ''I will have them later.".

Interview 4215-1/1:

Interviewed: SCP-4215-1
Interviewer: Dr. Stefan
Foreword: Interview was conducted following initial containment.
<Begin Log>
SCP-4125-1: Nice place you have here. guys.
Dr. Stefan: Thanks, uh-
SCP-4125-1: D██████. Call me D███████.
Dr. Stefan: Yes, D███████. Ok. So, it writes here that you have are currently gone missing.
SCP-4125-1: Yeah, I've been quite busy in those years.
Dr. Stefan: What exactly have you been doing in those five years ?
SCP-4125-1: Nothing much. Going there and there. Talking to them.
Dr. Stefan: Them ?
SCP-4125-1: The cards. Or as you call them, SCP-4215.
Dr. Stefan: How do you know that ?
SCP-4125-1: I know everything. About you, Stefan. And about the Foundation. Every tiny secret. How, you ask ? Hmm…. Good question. They just give me the answers when I ask them. They are my friends.
Dr. Stefan: I see… How have you meet eachother ?
SCP-4125-1: Long story short, they called me. In a dream. And they told me about the Vowel. And that they need help.
Dr. Stefan: Vowel ?
SCP-4125-1: Yes. It helps me concentrate. It sounds like this: ''I will work for you and you will work for me, we will work together." When I say this, I can fully bond with my friends. And I can do whatever I want.
Dr. Stefan: Like killing our guards ?
SCP-4125-1: Yeah, sorry for that. I just wanted to have some fun.
Dr. Stefan: By killing people ?
SCP-4125-1: That's what… he wants.
Dr. Stefan: He ?
SCP-4125-1: Yes. Can we change the subject please ?
Dr. Stefan: No. Ho is he ?
SCP-4125-1: Please stop. He's listening now.
Dr. Stefan: Cut the [EXPLETIVE]. Tell me more about him.
At this point, the temperature in the room decreases by 10°C. On the recording, everything becomes darker. SCP-4215 become significantly more stressed.
SCP-4125-1: Please stop. I warn you.
Dr. Stefan: You warn me about what ? Who is here ? We need some clear answers.
A shadowy horned figure can be seen rising from the floor, behind Dr. Stefan. SCP-4215-1 starts screaming.
Dr. Stefan: Calm down, please… No one is here, beside you and me.
SCP-4215 passes out.The honed figure puts his hand on shoulder. An laughter can be heard on the audio.
The moment security walks in, everything turns back to normal.
Dr. Stefan: Get her to the medical wing… I will go make myself some coffee.
<End Log>
Closing Statement: SCP-4215 fully recovered after two days, but she refused to say anything about the incident. When forced to answered, he simply replied with "It will be over soon. He will come back.''.

Addendum-a SCP-4215-1 is able to do a multitude of ''tricks'' with her cards. More tests are waiting approval, but for now we found out that she can read in the past, present and future, her reading being 100% accurate. She can also spawn entities using her cards (snakes, dogs, cats), and can cast exactly what's depicted on them. By example, if there is the Death card, the person she thinks of will die, if there is the Fertility card, the person she's thinking of will gain a huge material value. The single card she is afraid to cast is the Devil card. Studies are undergoing to find more
about this.

Addendum-b SCP-4215 reclassified as Euclid after Incident 4215/3.