Item #: SCP-3981

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3981 is to be stored in an airtight container at Site-16 in the anomalous artifacts wing. SCP-3981 is to be handled with care, and carried in it's case if transferred to a different location. SCP-3981 is to be checked routinely for unauthorized personnel. If SCP-3981 appears dimly lit, testing on SCP-3981 is to be suspended until SCP-3981 returns to it's normal state. Testing done on SCP-3981 when in it's dimly lit state is to be authorized by a Level-5 and above. (See Addendum 01 for more details.). Subjects tested on SCP-3981 are to be instructed on how to enter the SCP, how to act around SCP-3981 instances, and how to exit the SCP. When exiting SCP-3981, subjects are to exit the building unseen by SCP-3981 instances and to take a door in an alleyway left of SCP-3981. If SCP-3981 instances spot subjects exiting the building, they will be turned into ash.

Description: SCP-3981 appears to be a coin made in the 1860's recovered in a ship wreck by █████ near the coast of █████. When SCP-3981 is picked up, subject will be taken to a building in ██████, United States. When the subject enters the building, they will be greeted by SCP-3981-2. You are to remain respectful to SCP-3981-2 along with staying calm. Failure to do so will result in SCP-3981-2 saying "I'm sorry, it's time for you to go." after, subject will turn into ash to be never seen again.

SCP-3981-2 is a white-caucasian male, 25 years of age, with short brown hair. SCP-3981-2 appears to be a receptionist working at, The ██████████ hotel.

(See Addendum 02 for details.)
When subject enters the building brought to by SCP-3981, and interacts with the toxic substance, SCP-3981-2 would "fix" the subject. When subject asked in a conversation with SCP-3981-2. There are currently only two known instances in SCP-3981, SCP-3981-2, and SCP-3981-3.

SCP-3981-3 is a African-American male, 30 years of age, bald. SCP-3981-3 was previously a test subject (See Addendum 03 for details.) When asking the question "Where did you come from?" SCP-3981-3 would respond with "A friend took me here." Further questioning on the topic would anger SCP-3981-3 resulting on the subject turning into ashes.

Addendum 01: SCP-3981 was being tested on by Dr. █████, SCP-3981 had a dimly lit glow to it, and when subject touched SCP-3981 power immediately went out and the subject started to liquify into a toxic substance that is currently unknown. Dr. █████ was then taken into questioning.

Addendum 02: SCP-3981 was being tested on my Dr. ██████, when subject touched SCP-3981 they entered the building to be greeted by SCP-3981-2. Subject remained respectful to SCP-3981-2 and got a key to Room 309. When subject entered Room 309, subject was instructed to explore the room. When entering the washroom, when subject turned on the sink, black toxic substance came out from the sink. Subject was then instructed to interact with the toxic substance. After interacting with the substance, subject started talking to himself, SCP-3981-2 then came into the room and started charging at the subject. Subject was then devoured by SCP-3981-2 and all contact was lost. After █ hours, another test by Dr. ██████ was being done on SCP-3981. When subject returned, subject explained to Dr. ██████. When he entered the building, he saw a bartender at the bar, when Dr. ██████ asked what did the bartender look like, subject stated the same details of the subject for
Dr. ██████'s test hours before.

The lost subject is now known as SCP-3981-3.