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Item #: SCP-3681

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3681 is to be contained in a 18 m x 18 m x 14 m titanium cell approximately 2 miles away from controls and entrance. The cell and other rooms are to be 100 m underground and connected by four elevator systems. SCP-3681 is to be provided 100 bones from any species so it does not attack personnel looking for them. Security personnel must check cameras hourly for traces of blood in the containment, and report any sightings immediately.

All personnel are forbidden to enter a 1 mile radius of SCP-3681 unless they are wearing a lead-coated body-suit. If SCP-3681 has breached containment, all personnel are strictly forbidden to bleed, no exceptions.

Description: SCP-3681 is a humanoid being approximately 3.65 m in height, and 0.6 m in length. The entity has four 2.43 m long arms, 2.13 long legs, and 0.3 m long fingers. SCP-3681 has been observed seemingly teleporting through pools of blood, reappearing both in other pools of blood or inside of living creatures. SCP-3681 has been seen walking in the general direction of any personnel who have been wounded, or are bleeding in some way within a 50 mile radius.this can be deadly, as it will only stop if something of 0.3 meters or more density is blocking the way.
SCP-3681 appears unable to see, and has been witnessed having the ability to sense sentience in what it touches. If it senses this, it will become extremely hostile. SCP-3681 will kill victims by thrusting two claws into the esophagus, █████, stomach, and intestine, and will ███ open the subject. Victims' bones are often removed from the body, in which SCP-3681 will consume all traces of calcium inside the bones.

SCP-3681 appears to have no muscle mass or organs, and only has a thin layer of tissue covering it's bones. SCP-3681 has an extremely high level of strength, and appears oblivious to most methods of attack. If SCP-3681 is subjected to violence, it will become extremely aggressive, and will attempt to kill any personnel responsible for the violence.
SCP-3681 appears incapable of speech, but can make high pitched shrieks and low pitched moans, similar to a whale's calls. Sounds like this are the only sounds it will react to, suggesting [DATA EXPUNGED]