Item #: SCP - XXXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures:SCP - XXXX is to be held in Site - 42, and secured in a transparent box made out of glass.
Only the personnel that are Level - 2+ are able to access this SCP.

All tests performed are to be approved by the 05 council.

Description: SCP - XXXX is a standard Oculus Rift VR headset that is to be kept in a transparent box made out of glass at all times. Any attempts to open the door on the front have not been successfull. The item is made of pure metal, and seems to be undestructible. When a subject puts on the VR headset, their body will start to vaporize. This proccess takes 5 minutes to be done. Any attempts to remove the headset during this proccess have not been successfull. When the subject is fully vaporized, they will dissapear from reallity. After that they will appear in virtual reality, and that reallity will be their worst nightmare. The subject is stuck there forever, no matter what he does.